Order Of Nine Wins Battle of The Bands This Week on MDR! Saturday January 18 2020, 10:21 AM
Order Of Nine Wins Battle of The Bands This Week on MDR!

Coming in with a totally devastating 33,607 votes!

Order of Nine originally formed under the moniker Templar and released "A Touch of Winter's Discontent" which was quickly picked up by Hellion Records, Germany. The CD was globally well received . After a name change in 2001 and a new release "Of Once and Future Kings", Order of Nine signed a deal with Nightmare Records. They then launched their next offering, "Season of Reign", along with various tributes including "Rebellion - a tribute to Queensryche" and "Evil Lives - a tribute to Black Sabbath", released on Dwell Records and Cleopatra Records respectively. After a substantial tour schedule which included a trip to Germany – a metal stronghold, the band had to cope with the passing of their guitarist and a founding member, Michael Chiccitt.
Building on the success of the past and with the addition of two new shred guitarists, Order of Nine released "A Means to Know End" which shot up to #5 on the Amazon Charts and remained in the top 20 for 8 weeks, this release was quickly followed by the underground Christmas classic The Chronicles of Jacob Marley. After a few line-up changes the band released it's most technically proficient CD to date "Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror" in 2012. Currently working on new material and touring in support of Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror, Order of Nine intends to have a new offering for the Metal Masses in early 2014. The Band has shared the stage with the likes of: Metal Church, Symphony X, Cage, Overkill, Fates Warning, Sonata Arctica, and Rhapsody of Fire to name a few, as well as performed at many festivals around the globe.

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