Canadian Riff Wizards WOODHAWK Unveil Album Stream "Violent Nature" Wednesday October 30 2019, 10:21 PM
Canadian Riff Wizards WOODHAWK Unveil Album Stream "Violent Nature"

(L-R): Turner Midzain – Guitar/Vocals, Kevin Nelson – Drums,  Mike Badmington – Bass/Vocals

Photo Credit:  Trevor Hatter


Calgary’s Woodhawk are at it again with a new album "Violent Nature" being released on Friday, November 1st. Before it officially drops, the stoner rock trio has teamed up with for the album's exclusive full stream premiere HERE .

Their sophomore full length "Violent Nature" steps away from the science fiction themes evident on their previous release 2017's "Beyond The Sun" and takes a more therapeutic turn. Putting a lot of time and production into the new album with producer Jesse Gander (Rain City Recorders), Woodhawk has worked really hard to capture energy and emotion. 

The band explains:

“On previous efforts, we wrote from a science fiction standpoint. It’s where we all were at, at the point in our lives and reflected what we wanted to say and represent. Now, we believe in honesty and find the therapeutic side of music. This album has been an expressive honest view into our lives over the past 2 years.”

For fans of Black Sabbath, The Sword, and Clutch, "Violent Nature" will be available on November 1, 2019 for order and stream via the band's Bandcamp , Spotify , Apple Music , and all major music platforms.

See Woodhawk live on the following dates:  

Nov 8 - Calgary, AB - Palomino (Album Release Show)

Track Listing:
1. Snake In The Grass (4:46)
2. Weightless Light (3:38)
3. Dry Blood (4:30)
4. Heartstopper (4:40)
5. Old Silence (4:46)
6. Clear The Air (5:32)
7. Violent Nature (5:31)
8. As A Friend (4:31)
9. Our Greatest Weakness (6:57)
Album Length: 44:54

For more info:


From the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains hails Calgary, AB’s rock n’ roll trio Woodhawk. Masters of the straight-ahead riff rock, Woodhawk blends classic rock influences of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy with smooth grooves, cranked amps, and heavy-hitting drums. The coalescence of melodious vocals, catchy riffs, and dynamic instrumentation creates a vast soundscape for the listener to explore. With lyrical themes of science fiction and sorcery to more recent themes of struggles and triumph, Woodhawk wears their heart on their sleeve.

Woodhawk began in 2014 with the release of a self-titled EP, followed by the critically acclaimed full length “Beyond The Sun” in 2017. A melodically rich and varied album, steeped in science fiction themes and packed with undeniably catchy riffs, “Beyond the Sun” cemented Woodhawk’s status as a desert rock band with unlimited potential to break through into the mainstream. Rather than taking their freewheelin’ brand of lyrical chrono-metal into the comfortable bracket of factory-produced R’n’R, Woodhawk elected to explore the road less traveled.

Returning to Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC during February 2019, Woodhawk worked with Jesse Gander (Anciients, Bison, 3 Inches of Blood, Japandroids, Pack AD) to record their sophomore album “Violent Nature”. Over the course of 2 weeks, Woodhawk tracked their strongest effort yet, producing songs that address the struggles of mental health straight on, and laying it all on the line. Woodhawk’s new material abandons the world of fantasy in pursuit of emotional authenticity and self-discovery.

Our heroes’ quest for clarity and independence has landed them on the precipice of ambition and accomplishment. It’s a true turning point of entry for Woodhawk’s lofty yet assertive life-goals. The elegant anthems and pulsing chords of the next phase in the group’s sonic evolution can scarcely be contained. Grounded with one foot in the present and another in the dynamic future, Woodhawk’s outlook is as boundless as their command of their genre. With the new album due out on November 2, 2019, their intelligence, inventiveness and an uncanny knack for generating timeless tunes are ready to flood the senses and tug at the spirit with an easy-going nonchalance that embraces the audience with confidence and jean-jacketed arms.

Woodhawk features guitarist Turner Midzain, bassist Mike Badmington, and drummer Kevin Nelson. They have taken the stage at the Commodore Ballroom, Sled Island, and UP+DT, in addition to multiple Canadian tours. They have also shared the stage in support of Airbourne, Truckfighters, Elder, and The Shrine. Woodhawk has their sights set on touring North America and Europe to bring their highly energetic and captivating live performance to new audiences.

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"Their brand of this style sounds far more refreshing and has a modern rock ‘n roll kind of aura to go along, slightly ringing in signs of alternative influence. The end result is as if Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy had a child born in the age of Chevelle. With that said, this is immaculate. " - Indy Metal Vault

"Violent Nature kicks off with the slithering riffs of “Snake in the Grass,” which comes crawling up slowly before striking with a venomous fuzz-riffy attack, and a soaring, fist-raising chorus. “Weightless Light” gets my head nodding right away with a solid stoner rock riff, while giving off a pretty decent Monster Truck vibe in the chorus – I can see why they made it the pre-release single." - Hellbound

"Violent Nature surpasses their debut and then some; the Rocky Mountain trio have harnessed the best of the past, given it a fresh coat of paint, made me smile and just enjoy rock and roll in its purest form…" - The Sleeping Shaman

"In order for a band like this to succeed they have to be really good at what they do, and Woodhawk is very much that. They stand somewhere between protometal and first wave metal. Not quite as heavy as Sabbath and not nearly as classic-rocky as Deep Purple. But you put this record on, let it play, and see how long it takes you to notice that your foot... It's on my vinyl to buy list." - Glacially Musical

"The music and lyrics are born from genuine experiences, transpiring to add depth and a satisfying quantity to each song. Overall, this means Violent Nature is a real piece of music in every sense. Definitely recommended for fans of metal, heavy metal, traditional heavy metal, hard rock/classic rock fans, desert rock, stoner rock, and blues." - Mosh Nerd Republic

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