Things Could Get Worse For Ozzy After Diagnosis Sunday January 26 2020, 2:29 PM
Things Could Get Worse For Ozzy After Diagnosis

As you might all know, Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne shocked the whole community by announcing that he’s diagnosed as a Parkinson’s Disease.

While Ozzy is struggling with the second stage of Parkinson’s, the experts indicate that things may get worse for The Prince of Darkness.

According to the latest of the Blabbermouth, vice president for Medical Communications, Dr. Rachel Dolhum, had a recent conversation with Forbes, and she stated that Ozzy’s singing voice could be affected by his current health issues.

Here is what Rachel Dolhum told Forbes:

“It does this by affecting the way the vocal cords and swallowing muscles actually move. In people with Parkinson’s, oftentimes the voice gets much quieter.

The emotion or tone is taken away. This is really a core part of Parkinson’s for a lot of people and it becomes a very difficult symptom to manage.”

Another expert from the Parkinson’s Foundation, John Lehr, also shared his opinion and revealed that it’s highly possible that Ozzy will experience speech disorders.

Here are his thoughts:

“89 percent of people with Parkinson’s experience speech or voice disorders. It makes just having a normal conversation, not even just singing, very difficult.”

You can watch Ozzy’s Parkinson’s announcement below.

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