Portugal's SUMMON set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut EP, reveal first track Monday May 1 2017, 10:05 PM
Portugal's SUMMON set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut EP, reveal first track

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets June 30th as the international release date for the debut EP of Portugal's Summon, Aesthetics of Demise, on cassette tape format. A brand-new entity, Summon emerged in late 2016 as a gathering between N. and R. in which they decided to follow a sonority that transcends their soul and where they could give it a more cavernous feel, with an intensity of deep agony. Shortly thereafter, N. decides to move forward with composite themes, and then they decide to call J. to seal the covenant of a deadly entity. The lyrics are handled by N. in which he invokes all the blackness and splendor of death, the burden of enduring and wandering in a world of human flesh, and the infinite thirst for mass slaughter converting mankind into a cloak of bones.

Together, the hooded ghouls of Summon create a swirling, sulfurous mass of molten death-doom. The title Aesthetics of Demise is truly fitting: each tone and texture is buried under miles of human ash, the howls from underneath this abyss obscured yet further. So cavernous is Summon's miasma, even the uptempo segments across the EP feel like time slowed down and stretched apart. It's a diabolical disconnect that helps Aesthetics of Demise transcend the usual "sepulchral death metal" tropes, as the trio's songwriting is more a form of smashed-psyche sorcery. And yet, this is only the beginning for Portugal's Summon... "Death is our guide, and we are his scythe..." Be guided to Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud, where the new track "Sacred Pestilence" can be heard  HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

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Tracklisting for Summon (Portugal)'s Aesthetics of Demise
1. Blood Obscure Temple
2. Consummation
3. Darkness Circle
4. Sacred Pestilence

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