5 Essential Reasons Why Music Students Do Better in College Friday October 11 2019, 6:41 AM
5 Essential Reasons Why Music Students Do Better in College

In 2012, the National Association for Music Education reported that students who participated in music obtained above-average points in the SATs. The organization reported that students who were aspiring musicians scored an average of 31 points in reading, 23 points in math and 31 average points in writing.  

All these stats are above average and prompted scholars around the world to investigate the possible correlation between music and academics. Researchers have come up with different theories that link the benefits of music education to superior academic performance. Some research also suggested that students who study music are already intelligent and tend to outperform their peers in academics. 

Some data implies that students who scored highly in their tests or showed improved performance had at least one credit in music. The above-average test scores quoted above prompt a lot of questions on the value of music in society. 

However, does any and every student who enrolls in music excel in academia? Of course not. Here are some reasons why music students perform better in college.


  1. Music is Complex

The complexity of music may attribute to why it would lead its students to perform well in academics. On its own, the music combines mathematics, language and writing to create compositions that create an imprint in society. Music has also been found to develop language skills and reasoning abilities immensely. 

The complex nature of music is also attributed to solving complicated problems, thus developing language and reasoning skills. Some musicians even learn new languages through music. 

  1. An Improved Quality of Student Life

Student life can be a difficult adjustment for the young student from high school, and music can act as a stress reliever. Whether studying it or listening to it at your own leisure, certain frequencies in music are designed to calm the brain. 

At times, your schedule might be overwhelming, which is why you can hire  expert essay writers at Edubirdie  to assist you with your essays. Often, young people experience intense burnout and exhaustion from the demands of assignment writing like thesis and dissertation, which is why music is a great outlet. 

  1. Consistent Brain Exercise

One of the benefits of studying or having an interest in music is that it helps you organize your thoughts clearly. Aspiring musicians are not only taught incredible lessons in the art of music but also taking care of their equipment, and being punctual and prepared. 

There are also benefits of writing with music , which may lead to a clearer train of thought. Of course, this depends on the type of music you are listening to! Music stimulates different parts of the brain, which may make you more energetic or relaxed, depending on what you need. So, it's important to choose tunes that address what you need. 


  1. Goal Setting & Managing Tasks 

Music allows the student to set manageable goals for each session; this is a beneficial characteristic for any facet of life as it teaches you to be organized and reliable. Perhaps music students perform better because they are able to measure themselves and set reasonable goals. 

The same lessons learned in the music class can be applied to other classes and this is particularly important when it comes to completing tasks. Music students are taught to set specific goals that assist with difficult subjects such as grasping a second language. 

  1. Music is a Universal Language 

Music is a universal language that can be interpreted differently by students from different backgrounds. Many studies agree with the speculation that music may be linked to improved academic performance

Another significant quality of music is how it connects people from different cultures. Cross-cultural interaction drastically improves one's worldview and experiences. Music is an incredible inroad to critical thinking and understanding how the world works. 

The bottom line  

Researchers have not found a startling difference between students who study music, and suggest that music may be a choice subsequent to having a high IQ. Whether you are a music student or not, music is in your life one way or another, and most students tend to use music for studying to improve the focus. 

Although opinions differ about whether music students perform better because of music or their general IQ, music is beneficial for any student. The college experience is also about opening up to learning and constant improvement of an individual. Music students may perform better due to their exposure to practical learning alongside theory. 

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