The Age Of Ore - Trying Times - Reviewed By Keep On Rockin! Tuesday February 16 2021, 10:36 AM
The Age Of Ore - Trying Times - Reviewed By Keep On Rockin!

The Age Of Ore - Trying Times - Reviewed By Keep On Rockin ! Check it out here at this link:

I still remember how in 2007 a Finnish band with musicians aged fifteen / sixteen came up to shake up the metal world. Sturm und Drang's debut album “Learning To Rock” hit like a bomb. Two more albums and several singles followed, until the musicians separated again in 2013. And now I recently got a promo from The Age Of Ore on the table. The trio is of a similar age to the Finns at the time (between thirteen and sixteen). And these youngsters recently released their first EP called “Trying Times”. Press release and Bandcamp say on February 4, 2021, during the Encyclopaedia MetallumAugust 2019 writes. This date can also be found on the band's Facebook page. I'm a little confused now. The Age Of Ore was founded in 2017. When performing live, they cover the greats of the genre such as Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix and Dio. And the three own songs can be found on the EP. A long player is also planned for 2021.

Whatever. I've listened to the three songs. Roasting guitars are the trademark of the (now) trio. In addition, the doomy opener “ Deadline ” features typical metal screams. The drums sound natural, all in all you hardly hear any technical gimmicks. The sound is raw and original. With the title track “ Trying Times ” the tempo increases a little. Apparently the band has two lead singers. At least the vocals sound cleaner here. A great guitar solo rounds off the song. In terms of sound, “ Trying Times”Something from the other two songs. The guitar and drums have a slightly lower volume level. It appears that this recording was made during another session. The guitar solo can also inspire here.

You can (almost) not believe it when you read the age of the musicians. In terms of music, The Age Of Ore leave nothing to be desired. However, I would like a slightly thicker sound. This publication does not reach the quality of the already mentioned Sturm und Drang. Despite everything, the EP has more than just demo quality. We can look forward to the album planned for this year. 7.6 / 10 - Keep On Rockin

Origin:  Southern NJ / Philadelphia area 

Genres:  Heavy Metal 

Years Active:  2016- Present

The Age of Ore is a one-of-a-kind metal and hard rock trio from the Philadelphia area made up of young talented musicians. They have been writing new, original, heavy music and recording with well-established veterans of the music industry at Musically Speaking Studios under the direction of Steve Childs ( Deadly Blessing ). Ore’s influences include metal and rock legends ranging from Iron Maiden , Jimi Hendrix and Dio to the likes of Alice in Chains , Tool and System of A Down . With band members between 13-16 years old, The Age of Ore is young...but powerful. The Age of Ore has released one EP, Trying Times . A second release of their upcoming full album is slated for 2021.


Check out this cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on YouTube!

Band Lineup & Ages:

Jacob - Lead Guitar and Vocals - 16

Lucas - Drums and Vocals - 13

Deven - Bass Guitar - 14

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