How to Choose the Best School Laptop Thursday May 26 2022, 11:04 AM
How to Choose the Best School Laptop

School laptops are a must-have in every student’s backpack these days. But with so many brands and options available today, laptop shopping can get a little daunting. Here are a few factors you can keep in mind that’ll make the process of laptop shopping easier and less intimidating. 

Durability and Portability

Students are always on the move. They need to commute to school and back, get around different classrooms, and hang out with their school friends. For this reason, students need notebooks that are long-lasting and easy to carry around. The laptops should be built to withstand far-from-gentle treatment that can occur when students jostle around with their friends, dump their backpack on the ground or rest their elbows on the laptop. The Lenovo school laptops range blends this kind of durability perfectly with high portability. These laptops are often tested against military-grade requirements and are built to last. They’re available in sizes compact and lightweight enough to be carried around in backpacks, but large enough to offer enough screen space for working. Look for a 13 to 15 inch screen display to combine portability with usability.

High Processing Speed

Students need to do multiple tasks on any given day. The tasks can also be varied, from simple word processing, to surfing on multiple websites, to creating their study reports, to saving multiple files a day. A slow machine can frustrate the student, while wasting precious time. Hence, it is critical you buy a laptop with a powerful processor, such as a 10th or 11th generation Intel Core processor . These chips may result in slightly steeper-priced laptops but the performance they deliver makes the price worth it. 

Security and Privacy Features

A number of modern laptops offer upgraded security options that can be a great help for maintaining privacy in a crowded classroom. Such security features include a match-on-chip fingerprint reader synced with the power button of the laptop. This ensures only the real user of the laptop can get through.

Long Battery Life and Rapid Charging

A long battery life is essential to uninterrupted school work. Schools can be crowded and not always able to offer quick and convenient charging points. Students may also need to move around to study, including going to a different classroom or the school library. For this reason, it makes sense to look for laptops that offer a long battery life.

A number of modern laptops also offer a rapid charging feature so students don’t need to wait around to get their machine charged. Rapid charging can allow for as much as 80% of the charge to power back within an hour. 


School laptops can be ok with 128GB storage, but 256GB is more ideal. You can also choose notebooks that offer configuration options for greater storage.

School laptops need to be purchased with a lot of thought and care. As mentioned above, features such as durability, portability, a fast processor, security software, long battery, rapid charge, and good storage are important assets in a student’s work laptop. For this reason, keep these factors in mind when you make your laptop buying decision.

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