Casket Robbery - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday September 21 2019, 9:41 AM
Casket Robbery - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

'CASKET ROBBERY' joins The Zach Moonshine Show to talk about the new album "The Ascension"! This episode features new music from Vaultwraith, Waxen, 1349, Womit Angel, Necronomicon, Blood Eagle, Casket Robbery, Loathe, Endless Void, Void Terror, Swampbeast, and much more!

Track List

1 - The Welcoming Flames of Oblivion/Accused Sorceress/Reborn in Charnel Infamy - VAULTWRAITH
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Child Scryer/Wir Kampfen - Waxen
4 - Enter Cold Void Dreaming - 1349
5 - Religion Latex Suffocate/Doom to the known world/Impaled in the name of grotesque triumph - Wömit Angel
6 - Paradise Lost - Necronomicon
7 - Feed On the Blood of Man - Blood Eagle
8 - Casket Robbery Interview featuring Pockets Lined With Flowers/From Hell/The Ascension
9 - Gored - Loathe
10 - Doom Metal Super Star - Endless Void
11 - When Crows Tick On Windows - Carach Angren
12 - White Line Fever - Deströyer 666
13 - Sippin' On A Forty - Gina And The Eastern Block
14 - Porch Swing Slidin/Tennessee Turkey (And A Carolina Chick) - Justin Johnson
15 - Multiversal Extract - Void Terror
16 - Chant Of Bolotnik - Swampbeast

Listen to the full show below on Mixcloud!

Check out the interview alone on Youtube!

About Casket Robbery:
If you don't find yourself moving to this you should at least feel dirty for listening. The undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual vocal brutality make Casket Robbery the next level force of death metal insanity.
Casket Robbery quickly gained national attention with their debut album "Evolution of Evil" released in 2016 and have since established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live show realm. Their debut album was mixed by Chris Wisco (Novembers Doom, Jungle Rot) and has been generating numerous great reviews for their trademark huge riffs and unstoppable grooves. Tour dates quickly followed to promote the release. 
Casket Robbery continues to unleash their intense, high energy show across the U.S. fueled by their relentless work ethic and "Get Shit Done" attitude. With the release of their follow up EP, “The Ascension", in 2017 they caught the attention of Combat Records/David Ellefson/Thom Hazaert to be included on their legendary Bullets Vol. 1 sampler. They can also be found on Ellefson’s EMP Label Group Sampler. The EP brought on a series of relentless US headline tours to carve out their reputation as a veteran touring band. Notable shows include Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival, Milwaukee Summerfest, and opening for bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Jungle Rot, Psycroptic, and more . 2019 marks the release of their single and music video for the track “From Hell”. Gaining attention from Kerrang!, generating positive reviews, boosting their streaming and digital sales, and projecting them into the perfect position to release a follow up to “The Ascension”.

The destruction continues! 
  https :// casketrobbery . bigcartel . com /  
https :// casketrobbery . bandcamp . com /  
https :// www . facebook . com / casketrobbery

Big shout out and special thanks to Endless Void for sending in this CD! I would place a link for them but this band is so underground they don't even have a website or anything?

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