Lingering Voidwards by COLDBORN Tuesday April 25 2017, 10:32 PM
Lingering Voidwards by COLDBORN

COLDBORN is the brainchild and soloproject of Norgaath (also active in NIGHTBRINGER, GRIMFAUG & ONIRIK and ex-Corpus Christii, Gotmoor & Paragon Impure).

Turn to the black caves in the wake of the void, praise the absence of luminescence as the whole's common grounds, collect the agony and aspire to succumb. Delve in the extreme and practice the slow descent. Linger on the edge of the bottomless pit until the time comes and these musical vibrations mantle the fall and beckon!

5 hymns of atmospheric Black Metal spanning 47 minutes to fulfill a section of your journey to the Abyss. Ghastly and diverse vocals in perfect rivalry with a body rich in trance-like guitar riffs that reek of dedication to the Blackness. This is no ordinary source and these are no ordinary hymns. This is the death of the man and the birth of the ghoul.

"He who gathers the hint of awareness knows no path other than the void"

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