Insanity Cult - "Of Despair and Self-Destruction" Saturday February 11 2017, 10:13 AM
Insanity Cult - "Of Despair and Self-Destruction"

Insanity Cult were created back in 2011 by Έκ πτωτος (Lead Guitar) and Sacrilegious (Vocals) as a means of deeper inner expression and exploration. In 2012, Beleth (Drums) and Buer (Bass) joined the line up, while Vohamon (Rhythm Guitar) joined a year later in 2013. Throughout the years the band experimented intensly with their sound and ripened both musically and ideologically, thus new elements were added while some others were removed. The general sound however, was always based around melodies and feelings of melancholy, nihilism, hatred and despair. The first EP "Insanity Be My Kvlt", which was a raw rehearsal recording, was released in January of 2014, followed by the release of the debut full-length album "As My End Unfolds..." in April of 2015. Now, the band's second opus is to be released in 11th february of 2017.

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