The formation of Augmented Chaos Saturday December 1 2018, 12:25 AM
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The formation of Augmented Chaos

From left to right: J Patrick McCosar (lead guitar/backing vocals), Chris Chapman (bass) Augie Madrigal (lead vocals), Dave Manker (drums)

Originally formed in 2010 under the moniker 'Augmented' by bass player and lead vocalist Augie Madrigal, the band was shelved less than a year later due to the drummer at that time having to return to Canada for personal reasons and the guitarist losing his job and living accommodations.

In late 2011 Augie was called to join his former 'EDEN' band mates for some shows in Germany fronting the August Redmoon part of the stint, which ended up being both "Eden and August Redmoon portions of the shows.
Prior to leaving for Germany in 2012, Augie was called by long time friend Fred Swift to cover bass duties in his band Downheaval, which was the start of the formation of what would become 'Augmented Chaos'.

After returning from Germany Augie continued playing bass for Downheaval and soon it became Downheaval/Augmented.
By 2014 Augie parted ways with Downheaval to focus on Augmented bringing with him Dave Manker on drums and former EDEN guitarist Brent Stevens. The line up for Augmented was formed. Shortly after, the band hit the studio to record the 9 song title 'End of Days', released Nov 2016.

In Jan 2017 Augmented parted ways with guitarist Brent Stevens (2012-2017) and enlisted the talents of J Patrick McCosar (August Redmoon). Mid year the band was contacted by another outfit by the same name. Rather than face any type of legal issues the band whole heartedly decided that it would be in the best interest of the current line up to augment the name of the band.

At the end of January 2018 Augie Madrigal suffered an injury to his C6 nerve causing paralysis in his left bicep making it impossible to play bass. A quick decision was made to find another to fill the vacant position. After a several month hiatus, in May 2018 the band enlisted the talents of long time friend and bassist Chris Chapman, (Masters of Reality - Sabbath tribute), and within 6 weeks the current Augmented Chaos line up was forged and back on the road!
We would like to extend our thanks from everyone here at the 'AUGMENTED CHAOS' camp for all your support and look forward to seeing you out on the road.

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