RUIN stream MEMENTO MORI debut at "Transcending Obscurity" webzine Monday April 17 2017, 9:26 PM
RUIN stream MEMENTO MORI debut at "Transcending Obscurity" webzine

In their endless quest to push and support underground acts that deliver the goods, unaware and unmindful of trends and hype, on April 24th , Memento Mori is proud to present the LONG-awaited debut album of America's Ruin , Drown in Blood . And today, heavily trafficked webzine Transcending Obscurity  streams the entirety of  Ruin 's Drown in Blood exclusively HERE .

Not much is known about the anonymous aural torturers known as Ruin. The small amount of information that Memento Mori does know is that the band was formed back in 1991, somewhere in the United States. Due to various members of the band being incarcerated and institutionalized, Ruin was disbanded at some point later that year. Rumors have also swirled that the band members were/are part of some sort of cult.

Now free from any obstacles, the Ruin death metal machine was re-started again in 2015, and work began in earnest for what was to become their debut album (at last!), Drown in Blood. With roots firmly planted in utter and complete musical devastation, Ruin's sonic debauchery is mean, vicious, spiteful, raucous, and sickening death metal. Shit-heavy and strewn with shit, their long-brewing Drown in Blood is pure and utter ugliness enriched with doomed-out passages, crusty tempos, and sudden blasts that are meant to turn your stomach without care. Vile and viscous, filthy and foul, the influences seem to come from some sort of bastard child spawned from Hellhammer covers being slammed out by Realm of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower taking place in the jam room of Finnish sickos Abhorrence in 1989: that's how heavy and crushing their stuff is, offering no remorse and no escape for the helpless/hapless listener. That's how you Drown in Blood, y'know?

If you're a fan of putrid old-school death metal and the aforementioned bands as well as Sweden's Crematory, Rottrevore, Undergang, Demigod, Rippikoulu, Autopsy, and Cianide, then you will put Ruin in the same puke-infested bucket. Memento Mori will unleash Drown in Blood on April 24th on CD format, and toilets the world over will cower in fear! Flush all the filth exclusively HERE , as well as read an exclusive interview with the band, courtesy of Transcending Obscurity  webzine. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

unnamed 1.jpg

Tracklisting for Ruin's Drown in Blood
1. Crawling Through the Vomit
2. Nightmares in a Void
3. Sewer
4. The Thirst for Annihilation
5. Torture is Heaven
6. Rancid Death
7. Spread Plague Hell
8. Drown in Blood


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Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST downloading this now fucking sick shit man total utter disgusting death metal from the sewer... i love it!
7 years ago