Nergal Thinks Lords Of Chaos Is Not A Bad Movie Saturday March 9 2019, 7:14 PM
Nergal Thinks Lords Of Chaos Is Not A Bad Movie

In an interview with Everblack, Behemoth frontman Nergal says Lords Of Chaos isn't a bad movie if you take it in on the premise that it's just a movie. Not a documentary.
"It's not a bad movie. The whole story is way too trivialized, but then again, hey, it's there to be sold in movies to the kids. The guy [Jonas Åkerlund] said it from the very beginning: 'This is not a documentary.' And it's not. He colored it up a little bit — not a little bit; quite much — and some of the characters are… I mean, he really paid attention to the details. And some of the scenery and photos and actions, they were replicated, like, identically, really. I was, like, 'Oh, shit! That looks like the photos that I've seen, or the show that I've seen, or this and that.'
"But overall, it's pretty shallow. It's really well done. Jonas Åkerlund is amazing. I mean, his talents are amazing. But still, keep in mind, it's a shallow Hollywood story now. But I'm far from judging it. And when I read comments from [people online], 'Don't go. Don't watch it.' I'm, like, 'No. Go and watch it and make up your mind and make your own opinion and fucking don't even listen to mine.'"

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