Jesse Leach Shares New Update On His Mental Issues! Sunday March 3 2019, 1:41 PM
Jesse Leach Shares New Update On His Mental Issues!

Here is Leach’s statement:

“I’m a hopeless romantic that is newly single and trying to navigate my new life. There are really rough dark days that I’ve had to power through. However thankfully there are really good days! When my confidence is in tact I meet a woman it’s really nice to flirt & put that “vibe”out there.

After having been married for 18 years I’m very out of practice of how to subtly let a woman know I’m attracted to her. It’s been fun & even a bit embarrassing learning how to do that (laugh at this all you like but this is real talk here people).

That being said today I’m feeling good. I’ve had the pleasure of gathering wisdom & advice from my lovely & intelligent female friends.”

Leach, also said he is greateful to his friends that helped him get over the divorce period:

“I just want to send a big thank you to the gracious friends who have helped a brother out & have made me feel like I got this! To anyone who is out there that is going through an intense break up or divorce it actually does get better.

I’m just taking a moment to put it out there. I do truly believe everything happens for a greater purpose. However that is a really difficult thing to see when you are in the midst of your tragedy, drama & pain. The path I take moving forward to rebuild myself is unknown. Tomorrow may bring me more despair and darkness but today, today is a good day! It’s healthy and important to acknowledge the small victories even if it’s just a “good day.”

As the late great Muddy Waters said “got my mojo workin.” Hell, I’ve been getting hit on lately & it is nice! Even if I’m not into pursuing it, it’s just nice to know that I’m attracting that energy. So keep your head up, learn to love yourself like the child of God that you are. DM & Holler atcha boy.”

You can see Instagram photo below:

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