Australian Rock Act SEIMS Shares New Electro-Prog Single "Showdown Without A Victim"! Monday October 4 2021, 5:45 AM
Australian Rock Act SEIMS Shares New Electro-Prog Single "Showdown Without A Victim"!

Australian experimental rock act SEIMS shared the third single Showdown Without A Victim from forthcoming album Four, out October 22rd. 

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Simeon Bartholomew, SEIMS has evolved into an explorational and formidable band over the course of several records. The new record showcases the band’s delicately crafted arrangements on tracks including the beguiling 65daysofstatic ‘Wild Light’ era tinged post-math-rock of Elegance Over Confidence, the soaring modern post-rock of The Mountain’s Scream and the dark ‘Stranger Things’ evoking electro-prog of new single Showdown Without A Victim.

SEIMS mastermind Simeon Bartholomew comments: "I feel like this song summises the album perfectly. It's all about the journey of two voices arguing over who is right. The argument intensifies with a 5/8 riff that moves up half a step with every rotation - it never lets you release. Literally, never. Even through the "choruses" of Theme B, the punctuation of the downbeat on the 11th bar is there to end the sentence - but it never feels naturally resolved. Eventually, both parties end up saying the same thing in their own words; and they both realise they're wrong. The closing 11/4 passage takes you through their unified, unending moment of questioning. There's no more fighting; and there's no resolve. Just eternal limbo."

Check out Showdown Without A Victim on streaming platforms here: or on Bandcamp via

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