Chalk Portraits streams entirety of "Memory" Wednesday May 5 2021, 6:42 PM
Chalk Portraits streams entirety of "Memory"

Chalk Portraits, the ambient solo project of Metal Injection's Greg Kennelty, is now streaming the entirety of his new album "Memory" via Sleeping Village Reviews. The album is set to release this Friday.

Greg commented "It's here! Memory is streaming in full and now everyone gets to hear I've been listening to pretty much all month. I'm so proud of this album, if only because I've made something that I really want to hear on repeat. Now go get some headphones and chill out. Memory is heavily inspired by the works of Light In The Attic-type ambient artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, the synth magic of Mort Garson, some of the chiller Arp stuff, and the music you hear in the non-country portions of EPCOT. Memory is an adventure into another space where sounds shimmer all around you."



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