ULCERATE Unveils "Dissolved Orders" Video; Stare Into Death And Be Still Full-Length Out Now And Streaming Through Debemur Morti Productions Wednesday May 20 2020, 4:02 PM
ULCERATE Unveils "Dissolved Orders" Video; Stare Into Death And Be Still Full-Length Out Now And Streaming Through Debemur Morti Productions

New Zealand-based death metal trio ULCERATE are pleased to unveil their official new video for "Dissolved Orders." The track comes by way of Stare Into Death And Be Still, the band's critically lauded sixth full-length, out now on Debemur Morti Productions.


View the intriguing Dehn Sora-directed black and white clip via YouTube  HERE .  


The deepest, purest, and most meticulous form of ULCERATE, Stare Into Death And Be Still is a soul-searching conflagration of atypical melodicism, immaculate virtuosic dexterity, and sublimated psychological upheaval. A breathtaking new beginning for one of the most uniquely talented bands in extreme music.


Stream Stare Into Death And Be Still in its entirety at  THIS LOCATION .


With Stare Into Death And Be Still, ULCERATE's signature, ultra-atmospheric fusion of unorthodox death metal with the textures of futurist black metal is here pared down with the consummate hand of experience, giving stunning credence to the riff, the song, and the meaning. Thematically, the album draws upon recent personal experience to confront the truism that death and tragedy aren't always sudden or violent; that people are often passive observers trapped, "in the silent horror of observing death calmly and cleanly."


Stare Into Death And Be Still is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. Find ordering options below.


North America:  http://bit.ly/ulcerateUS
Europe:  http://bit.ly/ulcerateEU
Digital:  https://bitly.com/ stareintodeath

"... Michael Hoggard's guitars billow like noxious clouds, as bassist-vocalist Paul Kelland roars ominously over the top, and drummer Jamie Saint Merat expertly juggles crushing density and lean groove... the way the guitars and drums dance around one another makes it feel like time is warping... one of its grandest, most unsettling tracks to date..." - Rolling Stone on Stare Into Death And Be Still's title track
"It's as if everything the band recorded through 2016's Shrine Of Paralysis is made of Legos, and Stare Into Death And Be Still is a fucking universe: brand-new, raw, seething and festering with possibilities redolent of life as much as death -- but first and foremost cosmic." - Decibel
"Over twenty years and five albums... ULCERATE have spearheaded a singular sound and vision: seasick and disharmonic, chaotic and otherworldly, Lovecraftian in its cosmic horror. The group's latest LP continues ULCERATE's fearless exploration of atmosphere and aggression while, thematically, delving into the concept of 'death reverence.'" - Revolver
"The title track for ULCERATE's Stare Into Death And Be Still is atonal death metal at its very best. With riffs as big as Everything Is Fire, 'Stare Into Death And Be Still' is a perfect representation of what fans can expect from the full album - existential terror through brutal slogging and immeasurable dissonance." - Loudwire's 2020's Best Metal Songs (So Far)
"Their core sound always showed insane promise, wedding the experimental edge of Immolation's best records to the wilder side of Deathspell Omega and Gorguts, then polishing it to an industrial shine... Here the songs breathe, edging away from the airless aggression of the older records. Melody creeps in, and with it a thin shaft of light.. it's really no less punishing. The melody just helps it go down. This is how I relax now..." - Stereogum
"ULCERATE is a force to be reckoned with; a truly intense musical expression, but not in the typical sense. There is a feverish, smoldering death metal attack including the prototypical growling vocals and blasting drum work, but ULCERATE only periodically goes for the jugular, not perpetually, like more conventional death metal bands do. The emphasis is upon varied textures and dynamics as part of what's an atmospheric journey....Stare Into Death And Be Still isn't an easy release to consume, but it's rewarding on the deepest and most profound levels for those who are patient enough to allow ULCERATE to work their magic." - Blabbermouth
"What is remarkably admirable about Stare Into Death And Be Still is that it is the fourth consecutive ULCERATE record to hold tight that deeply emotional core that the band have executed at such a high level so consistently... this is a band that knows precisely what they are doing, that are very deliberate in their deployment of techniques from both technical death metal and post-metal. That ULCERATE bite deeper into and manage to find even more resonant spaces within their conceit is indicative that this isn't merely one of the best records of the year but one from one of the best death metal bands of all time. - Invisible Oranges
"By albums end and second listen through its entirety, I feel excoriated, hollowed out, and dissected. It is rare to feel emotionally drained by a record.. And that is one of the HIGHEST compliments I can give to any artist. That their music has such a devastatingly potent effect on the thinking and feeling psyche, that you need to go away and contemplate this leveling you have experienced. Like some kind of cerebral comedown from a powerful psychedelic experience, I have a lot to consider..." - Insert Review Here
"This is music that seethes and writhes; a twisting fury that is just as likely to drown you with dense tremolos and blasts as sprinkle sparkling harmonics and cymbal trills amidst the wreckage. The tonal center of ULCERATE's music is dark and fiery, ringing out in minor keys and adding bright tension with diminished and augmented high register notes... Stare Into Death And Be Still carries you like an ocean wave, flowing back and forth to reinforce the mood over and over until you are overwhelmed by the anger that hates and rages but cannot move." -- Last Rites
"...a masterpiece of extremity. From the cacophonous and dissonant musical vortex to passages where the band's flirtations with doom-driven tones are allowed to shine, this album is a living, breathing monster, showing ULCERATE at their creative zenith... the strongest album the band have created and is one of the strongest albums to grace extreme metal this year." - Distorted Sound
"What really makes this album stand out, not just from the band's peers but from the rest of their own immensely impressive (and impressively immense) back catalog, is the way in which it takes the group's instantly recognizable brand of dark, discordant extremity and melds it with a newfound (or, at least, newly-invigorated) sense of atmosphere and, dare I say, melody.... A true classic in the making and a(nother) watershed moment in the band's career." - No Clean Singing

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