KOSM Posts Cover Video of Gojira's "Ocean Planet"; Out Now! H.P. Lovecraft Inspired LP "Cosmonaut" Monday December 3 2018, 9:03 PM
KOSM Posts Cover Video of Gojira's "Ocean Planet"; Out Now! H.P. Lovecraft Inspired LP "Cosmonaut"

L-R – Jessie Grace – Vocals, Mike Slater – Guitar, Erik Leonhard – Guitar, Michael ‘Pastrami’ Mastracci – Bass, Sterling Paterson – Drums
Photo credit – Justin Forster

Vancouver progressive metal band KOSM's sound is dynamic and unquestionably lethal. Since their induction in 2016, part of making a name for themselves on their local scene in Vancouver and beyond, has been putting together cover videos of some of their favourite bands such as Mastodon, Queens of The Stone Age, System of A Down, Halestorm, Plini and many more. Now the quintet is paying their respects to one of their influences Gojira by covering their track "Ocean Planet".

"We chose Gojira because they've been one of our prominent inspirations for the band! Our bassist actually kept heckling us to cover 'Ocean Planet' and eventually we caved and took the song on. It was intimidating to undertake a band as powerful as Gojira, but we hoped to have done it justice!" says guitarist Erik Leonhard.

Watch KOSM cover Gojira's "Ocean Planet" at the following link:

KOSM recently unleashed their debut "Cosmonaut", an album loosely based on themes from stories by H.P. Lovecraft and others.

The band adds:

"Cosmonaut is a concept album loosely based on the weird-fiction of HP Lovecraft, and borrowing concepts from the science-fiction of Frank Herbert, and Roger Zelazny. The album follows a cosmonaut on a cosmic journey through time and space; from the earthly confines of mortal life, to ascendancy as an immaterial and omnipotent being. The cosmonaut's journey is essentially symbolic, serving as a commentary on the human experience: a journey from confusion and anger, to transcendence and self-understanding."

"Cosmonaut" is available on all major digital platforms Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play.

Lyric Video - "The Esoteric Order" -

Music Video "Ancient Heart" -


Track Listing:
1. Space Mead (6:07)
2. Cosmonaut (5:27)
3. Colossus (6:38)
4. Wolves Upon The Throne (5:46)
5. The Esoteric Order (6:23)
6. Farseer (6:40)
7. Ancient Heart (5:23)
8. Fiefdom In The Sky (2:15)
9. Omnipresence (4:36)
10. Monarch (7:16)
11. Umbrakinesis (5:23)
12. Wza – Y’ei (4:20)
Album Length: 1:06:21

KOSM is:
Erik Leonhard – Guitar
Mike Slater – Guitar
Jessie Grace – Vocals
Sterling Paterson – Drums
Michael Mastracci – Bass

For more info:
EPK - https://wp.me/pciNW-bus

- 30 -

"Vancouver’s KOSM kick the door in with Cosmonaut, their monstrous full-length debut. Brace yourself for a satisfying trip through an exciting mountain range of cascading, meaty riffs, swelling rises and heady drops, all led by the powerful, soaring vocals of the dynamic Jessie Grace. " - Beatroute BC

"KOSM cite Tool, Gojira and Mastodon as three of their main influences, and all three can be heard loud and clear on their new album, Cosmonaut. The technical, progressive musicianship of Tool meets the crushing grooves and rhythmic vocals of Gojira, and Mastodon’s ear for riffy, thunderous prog are all present on Cosmonaut, which features some of the most technical metal I’ve heard this year outside of, you know, technical death metal. " - Decibel Magazine
“The song (Ancient Heart) itself, which swings between some appetizingly heavy progressive riffs and aggressive growls and more melodic moments (with clean singing behind them). A tough band to place in that regard, but one certainly worth seeking out as they continue to expand their sound.” – DeadRhetoric
"KOSM does a solid job of mixing technicality, mood and groove. They have all sorts of dual guitar sections, and very psychedelic and moody parts on “Cosmonaut” as well. They’re a well versed band with all kinds of moods and changes engaging your ears every split second. " - Technical Music Review

"KOSM definitely show enough potential with this release to be a band that should be on your scopes." - Noizze UK

" Kosm’s Cosmonaut isn’t bland: it’s the pleasing sound of a band following their own inner vision." 9/10 - Hellbound

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