DEICIDE to Headline Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest + April Cover Story Wednesday February 21 2024, 10:45 AM
DEICIDE to Headline Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest + April Cover Story

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Death Metal Icons to Headline Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest

Philadelphia April 13

+ April Cover Story

13th Album - Banished By Sin - Drops April 26th

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The legendary Florida death metal band Deicide will release their 13th album Banished By Sin on April 26, 2024. As well as being featured as the cover story in the world's foremost Heavy Metal authority Decibel Magazine, Deicide will be headlining night two of the 2024 Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly.

Decibel writes, "Prepare for a high-gravity dose of bourbon barrel discipline on April 12-13, 2024, when Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly—the world’s loudest, heaviest, two-day craft beer event—returns to the Fillmore Philly to deliver more lunatics of quad’s libation for its seventh year! Florida death metal forebears Deicide will close out the second evening via a special set comprised exclusively of early ’90s crushers from their landmark Deicide, Legion and Once Upon the Cross records."


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"I've been sitting in a dark corner for several years now," states Glen Benton. "A few things have come into my life that have shaken and changed me. I got inspired writing this new record—it was like flipping a switch. I no longer have the aggravation of other peoples' hangups interfering with what I have and want to do. I stopped chasing everybody else's happiness a long time ago. The guy who started this shit is back! And it's good to be back!"

Previously, in an act of audacious defiance that surely ignited controversy, death metal titans Deicide released their provocative second single "Sever The Tongue" on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, adding a layer of blasphemy to the day's observances, amplifying the band's notorious reputation for challenging religious conventions and reinforcing their position at the vanguard of the death metal genre. 

If the gruesome visuals of Deicide's Christmas 2023 video release "Bury the Cross...With Your Christ" didn’t offend then, lines like this from "Sever the Tongue" certainly will, "Wrath of the holy / God is no more / Satan possess me / No savior reborn / F**k your religion / Sever the tongue."

Glen Benton, the ever-provocative frontman, taunts, “A life undone on the crucifix hung…sever the tongue...”

This release not only serves as a harbinger of the darkly anticipated album Banished By Sin, set for release on April 26th on Reigning Phoenix Music, but also marked the opening of pre-orders for what promises to be a monumental addition to the death metal canon. Fans eager to secure their copy can do so now, ensuring they are among the first to experience Deicide's latest sacrilegious offering. Pre-orders are available HERE. 

In addition to the single, Deicide has collaborated with David Brodsky from My Good Eye: Music Visuals for a visually arresting video that complements the track's blasphemous undertones. With Brodsky at the helm, the video promises to be a cinematic journey through darkness and defiance. Allison Woest returns to produce, alongside a talented team dedicated to bringing the song's thematic elements to life visually. Watch "Sever The Tongue" here:

This new album, Banished By Sin looms on the horizon, ready to cement Deicide's legacy and influence in the death metal scene. The album is a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to their craft, promising a collection of tracks that are both ferocious and unapologetically blasphemous.

The new album is crafted in the infernal workshops of Smoke & Mirrors, showcasing Deicide's relentless pursuit of extreme musical devastation. Banished By Sin benefits from the engineering prowess of Jeramie Kling and the adept musicianship of Taylor Nordberg, with the sonic alchemy perfected by the masterful mixing and mastering of Josh Wilbur.

"Musically, we're back to the 1990s style," Benton says. "There's modern stuff in there, too. It's Deicide the way it was meant to be. My hooky songs are there, Steve's prog-styled songs are there, and we got Kevin's theme-styled songs. Having Taylor in the band has impacted Deicide greatly. He's a fantastic songwriter and player. He can do anything. The four of us contributed three songs each. I'm back with the high screaming and layering. I'm just absolutely going off on this one. I've been told it's one of my best vocal performances. I'm like Rumpelstiltskin—here to spin your hay into gold. Everybody's going to be pleasantly surprised."

Deicide stands ready to challenge the faithful and reward the wicked. Join them in their blasphemous crusade and prepare to be Banished By Sin.


Pre-orders available HERE

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