SPACE COKE REVEAL NEW SONG Friday November 30 2018, 4:26 PM

Psychedelic metal band SPACE COKE are now streaming the title track of their upcoming album Lappel Du Vide over at Riff Relevant. The album is set to be released on Dec 7th via Mystery School Records.

Listen to the song here:

While regular high quality coke emerges from Colombia, you need to go to Columbia, South Carolina for Space Coke. Long in hair and fuzzy in tone, the band are dealers of the riffiest, most psychedelic form of drugs - this latest strain entitled L’Appel du Vide. Their first full-length after two warm-up EPs, the record will be released on December 7th 2018 via Mystery School Records.

While Space Coke’s style is well-honed into their own lane, they don’t forget to pay homage to their musical influences, both overt and covert. While the Sabbathian riff-riding is perhaps an obvious point of reference, there’s a prominent psychedelic thread à la Butthole Surfers throughout, especially in Reno El Cheapo Gooch’s vocals. Beneath the surface lie subtler hints of funk and blues that speak of their love of Parliament/Funkadelic and ol’ Hendrix. The band also honor the greats more openly; the cover of Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs” is faithful to an extent, though with the added weight of the band’s hazy production and crackling guitars.

Much like their previous EPs, L’Appel du Vide references a gamut of cultural touchstones, from 1950s horror movies to Hindu mythology, Crowleyan occultism to suicidal ideation. Space Coke ride through each theme with grace and flair, landing on the magnificent closer “Evil”, a Stevie Wonder number featuring the vibrant voice of Deborah Adedokun, and additional noise elements from one-man project Xothun. The eight tracks fly by in a heartbeat, but that only means that - once having calmed down - you’re ready to do the Space Coke lines all over again.

Space Coke are:
Reno El Cheapo Gooch - Guitar, Vocals
Jay Matheson - Bass
Brandon Johnson - Drums
Moses Andrews III- Organist

1. L’Appel du Vide
2. Kali Ma
3. Corpsewood Manor
4. Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground cover)
5. NoiseJam Trip
6. Lucid Dream
7. Thelemic Ritual
8. Evil (Stevie Wonder cover)

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