POWERGAME stands for pure passion for the NWOBHM! Thursday November 15 2018, 7:02 PM
POWERGAME stands for pure passion for the NWOBHM!

Founded in 2012 by singer and guitar player Matty, POWERGAME stands for pure passion for the NWOBHM. The band’s name was taken from the Tokyo Blade-song with the same title, but of course many other bands of that era like Tygers Of Pan Tang, Samson, Tank, Raven, Holocaust, Angel Witch, Demon and Iron Maiden are big influences for the band.

Following some major line up-changes, a demo called “Raw Heavy Metal” (2013) and the self-released album “Beast On The “Attack”, “Masquerade” marks the previous peak for the quartet from Bielefeld, Germany. Razor-sharp riffs, twin guitar-leads, pumping bass, driving drums and Matty’s characteristic voice are the ingredients of the band’s songs. The songs come to the point but still include enough details to stay thrilling for a long period of time. As an example, listen to the canon the guitars are playing in the band’s anthem ‘Powergame’. The lyrics often deal with Metal-clichés, and titles like ‘Baptized In Fire And Steel’ can be taken as the musicians’ self-concept. The song ‘Final Warning’ deals with the band’s mascot “El Demonio Negro”, a Mexican wrestler. The drums on the album have been recorded by two drummers, KG (Lost World Order/Vyre) as well as Jörg Uken (Weckörhead, ex-Stormwarrior), in whose Soundldoge-studio parts of the other recordings and mix/mastering have taken place. KG will remain a live-member of the band until further notice.

On stage, the band spreads pure energy, don’t forget there are lots of Punk-vibes to be found in the NWOBHM. You’ll love it, you’ll need it – POWERGAME!


1. Legion Of The Dead
2. Lucid Dreams
3. Puppets On A String
4. Powergame
5. Final Warning
6. The Chase Of The Falcon
7. For Those Who Died
8. Baptized In Fire And Steel
9. Masquerade
10. Ghost Town
11. Blackout
Total Playing Time: 48:14 min

Matthias Weiner – vocals, guitars
Marc Zimmermann – bass
Tobias Hoppe – guitars
Klaus-Gerald Fedeler – drums


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