PERVERTICON set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD album, reveal first track Thursday November 15 2018, 6:38 PM
PERVERTICON set release date for new IRON BONEHEAD album, reveal first track

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets January 25th, 2019 as the international release date for Perverticon's long-awaited second album, Wounds of Divinity, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

It's been a quiet five years since Perverticon last released an album. Bearing the telltale title of Extinguishing the Flame of Life, the album was a bolt-from-the-blue introduction to Perverticon and poignantly displayed the band's mastery of pure, undiluted second-wave black metal. Now, with Wounds of Divinity, they eclipse that feat with a longer, stronger record that proves the past is indeed alive.

From songwriting on down to production, Perverticon's Wounds of Divinity authentically breathes the breath of the ancients - specifically, Scandinavian black metal from 1996 to 1999. No surprise, then, that the band is Swedish, but labor under no delusions that the power-trio are merely (and listlessly) running through tired, old tropes. If anything, the ravening fire that courses through Wounds of Divinity invigorates this largely dormant idiom, reaping a whirlwind of spellbinding melody and cascading violence, all tethered to thoughtfully dynamic songwriting. Not to mention that Perverticon possess a flair for the dramatic, both within coloring their songs' contours but most especially in their visual presentation, thusly giving Wounds of Divinity a fresh, palatably modern aspect.

Present thy veins to Perverticon and receive Wounds of Divinity! Receive the first wound with the new track "Cold Embrace of Sanctity" HERE at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud.

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