Agony Voices: Band releases new music video for “Desire For Pain” and explains the process behind the video’s production Thursday November 8 2018, 7:26 PM
Agony Voices: Band releases new music video for “Desire For Pain” and explains the process behind the video’s production

With 13 years of career and two albums under their belt, Angony Voices is one of the main Progressive Death/Doom Metal bands to come out of Brazil. The group doesn’t limit themselves in their music, bringing melancholic and somber elements to their songs, with emotional and introspective lyrics.

The band has recently released a music video for the track “Desire For Pain”, taken from their second record “Mankind’s Glory”, and now they’re coming to the public to talk about a few technical details of the entire creation process behind the video, including the shooting and the relations between the song and the images shown.

Officially released on October 1st, 2018, “Desire For Pain” took approximately four months to be finished and uploaded to Agony Voices’ official channel. Shot in two stages, the video shows the band in two parallel image modes. The first was recorded in the band’s own studio, in a dimly lit ambient. The second stage, using drones and modern technology, had the images captured in an abandoned ruin in the city of Blumenau - SC, Brazil, the perfect place for the visual and harmonic contrast contained within the sound of Agony Voices.

The entire direction and plot creation were made by the members of Agony Voices, and the recordings and final cut were handled by Marco Antonio, with the help of Tarlis Ranieri on the filming. The video recordings made with the help of the drone were made by Gianko Nardelli, one of the more requested instructors of the city where the video was shot.

The reason behind Agony Voices choosing the track “Desire For Pain” to receive the visual treatment of an official music video was explained by the lead singer Jonathan Feltz: “We chose this song because it marked a new phase in the band’s musicality, evolving into a more progressive type of metal, and also starting a new characteristic of the band in the mixture of powerful growls with clean vocals, and this has opened another myriad of possibilities for us. It’s our favorite from the “Mankind’s Glory” album.

Agony Voices is composed by:

Jonathan – Vocals

Barasko – Guitars

Silvia – Guitars

Luiz – Drums

Valda – Bass

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