THE SUN AND THE MIRROR: Invisible Oranges premieres breathtaking new album by experimental doom duo Tuesday March 30 2021, 8:18 PM
THE SUN AND THE MIRROR: Invisible Oranges premieres breathtaking new album by experimental doom duo

As   Brucia Records   prepares to release  “Dissolution to Salt and Bone” , the highly anticipated first album from experimental doom / ambient drone duo   THE SUN AND THE MIRROR ,   Invisible Oranges   is hosting an exclusive premiere of the record at   THIS LOCATION !

Brucia Records  will officially release   “Dissolution to Salt and Bone”  on   April 2nd 2021 .

Last month,  Cvlt Nation   hosted a premiere of an excerpt from the album track   "Katherinella Angustri"  at   THIS LOCATION !

THE SUN AND THE MIRROR   consists of cellist   Sarah Townley , who creates a haunting wall of ambient drone and deconstructed classical melodies, and multi-instrumentalist   Reggie Townley   on vocals, guitar, bass, electronics and drums.

The album flows with effortless strength, powerfully blending beneath the underwater currents of its stream a unique mix of doom, psychedelic, minimalistic noise, dark orchestral, drone and folk.

“Dissolution to Salt and Bone”  
was written and composed using the onboard generator of an RV during a road trip to the Oregon Coast and through Ironside Mountain, while the band was on their way to scatter a family member’s ashes.

A dramatically private meditation on mourning and loss which somehow manages to bring forth the themes of decay and the fossilisation of bones as a universal archetype for instances such as memory, change and evolution.

THE SUN AND THE MIRROR ’s debut album is a phenomenally multi-layered work: spilling out blood and tears, rage and sorrow, their audial exploration in the realm of avant-garde and experimental music evokes a poetry of broken memories and incumbent omens.

“Life into waves, in the grey outgoing tide. We will dissolve, body of salt and ash and bone”.

FFO: Earth, Wolvserpent, Vile Creature


01. Interval I (4:43)
02. Currents (17:52)
03. Interval II (3:49)
04. Katherinella Angustri (17:13)


Sarah Townley: Cello
Reggie Townley: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Drums

https://thesunandthemirror. thesunandthemirror

Brucia Records



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