No List Records: ELEPHANT RIFLE Take On Uber Driving In New Music Video 'I'm Bad At Driving' Wednesday November 7 2018, 7:20 PM
No List Records: ELEPHANT RIFLE Take On Uber Driving In New Music Video 'I'm Bad At Driving'

Elephant Rifle is a four-piece rock band from Reno, Nevada. The group’s music is a mix of ’90s noise rock, ’80s hardcore, and ’70s classic rock, with strains of metal, psychedelia, post-punk, dad rock, and more. The band has earned a solid rep for its sweaty, visceral live shows. Their latest LP, "Hunk" released on No List Records, is the band’s third full-length album featuring 12 slabs of savory sonic meat. It’s a wild batch of songs recorded with the great Tim Green at Louder Studios. (He was a member of Nation of Ulysses and the Fucking Champs, and he’s recorded a bunch of great albums by people like the Melvins, Comets on Fire, and other bands you probably already love.)

The band's latest Uber driving music video for "I'm Bad At Driving" features a hard-partying women's softball team, joint-rolling heshers, magical black metal priests, and ... goats? The video was directed by artist, illustrator, musician, and filmmaker Jeff Rogers, a.k.a. "Metal Jeff." He also directed the 2014 Elephant Rifle video "I Can't Believe You're Still Alive."

The band comments:

"'I'm Bad At Driving' is about behind-the-wheel anxiety. The song sounds a bit like the Jesus Lizard covering the Knack or something. In the video, ER vocalist Brad Bynum drives around at night, shuttling the aforementioned colourful cast of characters to who knows where. Things start strange and get stranger."

Watch the premiere "I'm Bad At Driving"

The band's new album "Hunk" is available on No List Records here.
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