INTO ETERNITY Drummer Bryan James Newbury Posts Drum Clinic Videos 'This Frozen Hell' & 'The Sirens' Thursday November 1 2018, 7:06 PM
INTO ETERNITY Drummer Bryan James Newbury Posts Drum Clinic Videos 'This Frozen Hell' & 'The Sirens'

L-R - Tim Roth – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Matt Cuthberson – Guitar, Amanda Keirnan – Vocals, Bryan Newbury – Drums, Troy Bleich – Bass, Backing Vocals

INTO ETERNITY drummer Bryan James Newbury has posted videos from his recent drum clinic performing tracks 'Frozen Hell' and 'The Sirens', which is the title track off the band's first album in 10 year's and new full length released on M-Theory Audio on October 26th.

Newbury comments:

"I am so excited to finally release these exclusive drumming play-through videos that were recorded at one of my most recent drum clinics. This comes at a great time because I have recently joined the Pearl Drums Canada family of Endorsed Artists. A huge thank you to Peter Marunzak and everyone at the Pearl team for supporting me the way I have supported them for over a decade. I currently play Sabian Cymbals, Remo Heads, and Roland Triggers as well."

Watch 'Frozen Hell' drum video -

Watch 'The Sirens' drum video -

10 years in the making, Canadian metal masters INTO ETERNITY return in 2018 with their new full length "The Sirens" to follow 2008's “The Incurable Tragedy” released on Century Media with former vocalist Stu Block now of Iced Earth. Firing on all cylinders, “The Sirens” is the beginning of a new era for the band, which features a new line up with founding member and guitarist Tim Roth joined by vocalist Amanda Keirnan (The Order of Chaos), guitarist Matt Cuthberston (Untimely Demise), bassist Troy Bleich (Planet Eater) and drummer Bryan James Newsbury (Culled). The album also showcases guest appearances by former vocalist Stu Block (now in Iced Earth), Cam Dixon (ex-Annihilator) and Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth). The album was co-produced, mixed and mastered by former guitarist Justin Bender, while longtime artist Mattias Noren (Evergrey, Epica, Kamelot) designed the cover and layout.

Guitarist Tim Roth comments:

“The 10 year long wait is finally over! Thank you so much to our long time fans for all the years of encouragement and support. We hope that everyone is going to enjoy this new record because a lot of sweat, tears and hours were put into The Sirens.

“There is a lot going on with this new album. There’s something for most heavy metal fans if you happen to like fast double bass drumming, rumbling bass, clean singing, death metal vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, symphony sections, heavy guitar riffs, melodic parts and shredding solos.

“We’d like to thank M-Theory Audio for offering us a deal for this new collection of songs, Rawlco Radio for the financial support and Asher Media Relations for spreading the word. Thanks as well to my band mates who all did a great job on their individual performances. This was also the first time we had guest performances on a record. Thank you to Stu Block, Jasun Tipton, Chuck Labossiere, Rob Doherty, Justin Bender, Jason Cullimore, Cam Dixon and Glen Drover for delivering those special guest appearances.

Please enjoy these new tracks and Keep It Metal!”

"The Sirens" is available on M-Theory Audio here and Bandcamp here.

Song Stream - 'Fringes of Psychosis' -

Lyric Video - 'Sandstorm' -

Album / Live Band Line Up:
Tim Roth – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Amanda Keirnan – Vocals
Troy Bleich – Bass/Backing Vocals
Bryan Newbury – Drums, Justin Bender – Guitar
Matt Cuthberson – Guitar

For More Info:


Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1997, Into Eternity is a cornerstone in the Canadian metal scene. The next nine years for the band was a flurry of writing and recording, with the band recording a total of five full-lengths. The debut self-titled album came out in 1999 followed but “Dead or Dreaming” (2001), “Buried in Oblivion” (2004), “The Scattering of Ashes” (2006) and “The Incurable Tragedy” (2008); the latter two featuring Stu Block (Iced Earth) on vocals. Their sixth full-length album “The Sirens” (2018) sees soprano Amanda Keirnan taking on vocal duties ushering in a new era for the band.

Into Eternity borrows from all aspects of heavy music to form the perfect blend of technicality, memorable songwriting, traditional heavy metal and the sheer savagery of metal’s extreme genres. With extensive touring history, including sharing the stage with household names like Judas Priest, Megadeth and Arch Enemy, Into Eternity takes the listener on an epic journey; combining the jarring aggression of old school thrash and death metal, the speedy instrumental precision of shred and prog metal, with triumphant choruses and the melodies of classic metal.

- 30 -

“Into Eternity has been a staple of Saskatchewan’s heavy metal scene for 21 years. The group has had several lineup changes over that time, but the music has always been thrilling, pushing the limits of the local scene with their highly technical style and international success.” – Regina Leader Post

“This is one special band that has worked hard for its success.” – Blabbermouth

“One of the brightest stars on the progressive extreme metal landscape.” – Sea of Tranquility

“I praise lots of bands and albums, many of which probably more so than they truly deserve – what can I say? I tend to be an overly enthusiastic metal head. Though if there is one band that deserves every ounce of praise I heap upon them album after album, it’s Regina, Canada’s Into Eternity.” – Teeth of The Divine

“a vicious slice of the extreme progressive style…Roth’s technical brilliance shines above all else, as the twisting harmonies whirl around the listener’s head atop the blistering percussion.” – Exclaim! (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Into Eternity’s The Incurable Tragedy, an album that manages to be so credibly metal, yet so vastly accessible, that there’s something for everyone. ” – Metal Sucks (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

“Into Eternity has managed to succeed on every level with THE INCURABLE TRAGEDY. They have provided a conceptual piece in which the individual songs stand on their own, and also work together to create a greater whole. The band has toured with many of the masters, and has clearly benefited from this. The result is the band’s most mature and concise sounding record to date. They have produced an album that will be sure to please die hard devotees to many of the different genres of metal.” – Metal Rules (Review The Incurable Tragedy 2008)

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