French Dark-Rock Cult M E L T unveiled new music video "Cypher" // New album reissue coming out soon Thursday October 25 2018, 12:26 PM
French Dark-Rock Cult M E L T unveiled new music video "Cypher" // New album reissue coming out soon

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About one year the first (and limited for its "circle") release of its debut full-length and self-titled album, French Dark-Rock/Post-Punk/Indie-Art- Rock/Avant-Garde-Metal quartet Melt will reissue this effort on November 7th for CD and digital worldwide re-release through Bandcamp and the main digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.).

In addition to the official re-release announcement, the band also shared a brand new official music video for the single "Cypher" while two other audio excerpts "Blast" and "Opikanoba" are available on Bandcamp .

Watch the official music video for "Cypher" | Stream the song "Blast" and "Opikanoba" on Bandcamp
...For the record...

"We are melt .

We survived.

Our music is an unexpected mix between metal sound and cold wave tragic melodies.We originally started as a duo when Charlotte and I met 10 years ago on October 2007.

In chaos and crave we've created the first demos of Melt: a powerful and personal rock, finding its full emotional potential on stage. Charlotte's singing comes from a crisis during wich she went crazy and untied herself from the real world. Her lyrics are oniric, a mix of english and imaginary invented language, disconnected from the "real" world, again.

As did Greg Sage in the Wipers, we consider music as art, not entertainment.We've been existing as a band for 3 years now, playing on every kind of stage in our area.On December 2017 we've released our first album and then re-released it about one year later.

End of transmission"

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