Frust - "Elements" (For fans of Alcest and Austere) Tuesday October 23 2018, 8:44 PM
Frust - "Elements" (For fans of Alcest and Austere)

Tired of the similarity between many black and post-black metal bands, Frust emerged due to its founder's necessity to create the music he wanted to listen to.

With a music history that goes all the way back to the end of the 90s, Mario Steiner saw himself being forced to give up on all his music activities due to an anxiety disorder, with Frust being his first release in almost two decades.

"Elements" sees Frust mixing traditional chants featuring female voices from Bulgaria and Syria and an ambient-like atmosphere, with traditional black metal.

The band's full-length "Recurring Dreams" is also set to be released on January 2019.

For fans of Alcest and Austere.

Artist: Frust
Release title: Elements
Record label: 901514 Records DK
Release date (dd/mm/yyyy): 02/06/2018
Genre: Post Black Metal
Line-up: Mario Steiner

1. Earth
2. Air
3. Water
4. Fire


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