Unmasking Truth in Metal: 137's 'Lie For A Lie' Echoes Caveman Realism Sunday December 3 2023, 6:36 PM
Unmasking Truth in Metal: 137's 'Lie For A Lie' Echoes Caveman Realism

The American heavy metal band 137, renowned for their raw and unfiltered "Caveman Metal" style, recently unveiled their latest single, "Lie For A Lie." This release marks a significant moment in the band's history, not just for its thematic depth but also for its alignment with their distinctive approach to music.

At the heart of "Lie For A Lie" lies a profound dissatisfaction with media manipulation. "It's basically about how the media 'spins' the truth & attempts to guide us to their narrative," explains the band. This theme, revisited from their 2005 album 'F.C.C. (Force Controlled Culture)', resonates more than ever in today's information-saturated world. Their music, characterized as "Caveman Metal," speaks directly to the masses in a straightforward, unadorned manner, both lyrically and musically.

The addition of guitarist Donny Weissinger has infused a fresh dynamism into the band's sound. His contribution to "Lie For A Lie" goes beyond traditional expectations, as he injects intricate sounds and accents that elevate the track without overwhelming its core essence. "Donny puts all the extra sounds & accents into the song... he does it with just the right touch," the band notes, highlighting the subtle yet impactful nature of his input.

"Lie For A Lie" is not just a standalone project but a part of a broader musical journey that 137 is embarking upon. The band reveals plans for a music video and hints at future projects that will continue to showcase their evolving sound.

The single represents a return to the band's roots, reminiscent of their earlier style. This return to form is intentional and reflective of the band's journey. "Actually this song is somewhat a return to our earlier sound," they say, underscoring their ongoing evolution in the music industry.

Since their debut in 1996, 137's music has matured significantly, both in terms of lyrical depth and musical composition. "The lyrics & music have gotten 'smarter'," the band reflects, attributing this growth to experience and the passage of time. This evolution is also evident in the quality of their recordings, a product of their collaboration with Doug White at Watchman Studios.

Through "Lie For A Lie," 137 hopes to encourage listeners to question and analyze the information fed to them by media and internet sources. The underlying message is one of skepticism and the pursuit of truth, urging fans to be wary of narratives that aim to manipulate public opinion.

Influences for this single are deeply rooted in the band's love for guitar riff-oriented music, drawing inspiration from legends like Black Sabbath and bands like Clutch & COC. These influences have helped shape their sound into what fans hear today - a potent mix of Heavy Metal, Stoner, and Sludge elements, culminating in a unique and powerful musical expression.

"Lie For A Lie," released on October 31, 2023, is a testament to 137's unyielding commitment to their craft and their fans. With its raw energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and authentic sound, this single not only enriches their discography but also reinforces their standing in the metal genre as a band that consistently delivers music with substance and style.

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