Aesthetics of a loss - "l'Égoïsme" ( Melodic death metal) Tuesday October 23 2018, 8:01 PM
Aesthetics of a loss - "l'Égoïsme" ( Melodic death metal)

Aesthetics of a loss is misspelled by 9 out of 10 people. It’s also a project where every mourning note you hear has been done by the sweaty palms of one overly motivated individual.

Inspired by the aftermath of one of the finest human traits possible, betrayal and deceit, the Aesthetics awoke in the fall of 2014. On the southern plains of Sweden, just a hand grenade throw from the centre of the crime city, songs were written, recorded and discarded. The focus was settled early on songs that would take time to finish, songs that were not rushed. No compromises.

The sonical expression of this aftermath had to be melodic death metal. The mix of weeping melancholic tones mixed with the rhythmic interplay of backing guitars and drums were the only way to recreate the depths of events transpired. As songs progressed more experimental elements such as clean vocals and huge ambient tones were added to further emphasize the carrying melodies.

Finally, after 3 years in the making the first EP entitled l'Égoïsme finally saw the light of day. The EP format was chosen with care to let the songs have enough personality and space. All music was crafted to let the lost art of viewing an album as a whole take place. To let the album have dynamics of peaks and valleys by the placement of songs within it.

As an output from a cathartic process of healing wounds it is all about conveying the bleak imagery of things not usually talked about. And as a consequence maybe, just maybe, it might also reach out to someone finding themselves lost in the same place?

Genre: Melodic death metal
Record label: N/A - self released
Lineup: Jonas - Everything






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