Destrudo Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Monday September 19 2022, 1:27 PM
Destrudo Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

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“Only together can we achieve what each of us seeks to achieve”  K.Jaspers

Musical development starts from subjectivity. It is an intimate journey. Sometimes, these roads are intertwined with other ones, paths unknown to us. Destrudo are a three-way junction and each road depicts a distinct identity with different visions.
The meeting between Davide and Flavio, in 2007, and the arrival of Vittorio the following year represent the beginning of the band's musical journey. Music, as the only driving force, is often not enough. The early influences are purely death metal, mixed with a pinch of progressive, an imprinting which has always characterised the band. The line-up is full but a real cohesion has never existed. After releasing 'Homunculus' in 2009, indecision and musical divergences fragment the band. The following year, Flavio leaves the band during the songwriting process. Davide and Vittorio wrapped the new tracks up, so in 2011 a self-produced EP has been released, 'Falx Cerebri’. Musical disagreements will lead the band to break up in 2013, during the never-released debut album’s pre-production.

Fastforward, summer 2021.

There’s a crucial factor which transcends music: the emotional bond. In the post-pandemic world, thousands of miles away from each other, Davide, Flavio and Vittorio decide to break down the distances and get back together, to restore that path that has begun and never ended. Despite the inevitable musical evolution of the individual members, the trio decides to start again where it all began: their moniker, Destrudo, and the old logo. The philosophical symbology behind it is a founding chunk of the band. The walrus, inspired by a rock band and Arctic folklore, represents fear, terror, death. What does the walrus’ skull mean? It is death’s death. In the logo’s outermosts, two skulls gaze in opposite directions. What do they tell us? They remind us that the act of dying is the opposite of the act of being born: the death of death is therefore not another phase of the cycle, indeed non-existence. However their dull eyes look beyond their Selves. They stare at opposite directions, one towards the past, the other towards the future. Inevitably, Destrudo’s sound is the result of an union of two temporal and musical spaces which are conceptually distant: the rough and heavy mood joins the philosophical and musical research, overcoming the limits and leaning towards the meta-genre.

Cosmoagonia has been released on the main music streaming platforms on 29 August 2022. It is the fulfillment of our musical and life path yet the first step of a new artistic cycle.

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