Erasy - "Under The Moonlight" (Doom Metal From Brazil) Friday October 19 2018, 3:52 PM
Erasy - "Under The Moonlight" (Doom Metal From Brazil)

"Under The Moonlight" is Brazil's Erasy debut full-length on the international market. Presenting a couple of tracks, this is a release aimed for those who appreciate heavy and slow independent music. Recorded in a very spontaneous way, the songs began to appear during the rehearsals. Some kind of structure, or pattern, came to life as the band conducted these sessions. During this process, the lyrical concept was also brought to life life, and the main idea was to explore the images of the magical atmosphere from the old days: forgotten now, but very inspiring for those who once tried to find the mysteries behind our meaningless lives.

Erasy started as a band in 2012 in a hidden and dusty studio in the city of Feira de Santana - Brazil. The debut on stage happened in the Grito Rock Festival (2013) in Feira de Santana, sharing the stage with important bands from the national scenario. Initially inspired by bands of Southern and Stoner metal, after a few changes in the line-up, the band found a satisfying identity exploring the influences of “sabbathian” riffs with a Doom and Sludge approach. Thus, the band began to circulate all over the state and beyond. The first singles "Living hell" and "Hollow", were released in 2014. In 2016 the band released the debut album, “The Valley of Dying Stars” that was well appreciated by specialized critics and fans worldwide. Currently, Erasy is: Luciano Penelu (vocals) Joilson Santos (bass), Gilmar Vurmun (drums) and Leandro d'Carvalho (guitar) and sign with the Californian label Doom Stew Records to release an EP in 7" and also digital.

Record label: Doom Stew Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Leandro d' Carvalho - Guitar
Joilson Santos - Bass
Gilmar Vurmun - Drums
Luciano Penelu - Vocals

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