Idol Throne (USA) - The Sibylline Age - Reviewed By allaroundmetal! Friday November 11 2022, 4:48 PM
Idol Throne (USA) - The Sibylline Age - Reviewed By allaroundmetal!

Idol Throne (USA) - The Sibylline Age - Reviewed By allaroundmetal ! Check it out here at this link:,-un-debutto-tra-luci-ed-ombre

Idol Throne comes from Indiana to the USA, where they formed in 2018 on the initiative of the two guitarists Martin Bowman and Jason Schultz. This "The sibylline age" is their debut album, consisting of ten tracks for about an hour in total duration and featuring a pleasant artwork, created by artist Mark Erskine. The disc was recorded and produced in Austria and Germany, also with the help of bassist Alex "Chucho" Barrios who took care of his instrument on the disc, in place of Trevor Kuta, the official bassist of the group. The sound of the band is a very technical Thrash of the classic American school; in the biography you sent us the comparison with the Heathen is, in fact, the most appropriate one. The band, being at its debut, however, seems to have a little desire to overdo it and this trend is evident in the songwriting which is often verbose; many pieces, in fact, suffer from excessive playing time that could soon tire the listener; a few minutes scissoring on each song, especially in the second part of the tracklist, would have made the various songs more effective and easier to listen to. Furthermore, listening is also complicated by another problem: the singer's voice. Jake Quintanilla does not have an exceptional uvula from every point of view you go and examine it; his performance is somewhat monotonous and unconvincing; he does not seem to have a very large vocal range and seems a bit lacking in aggression too (a detail that, in a genre like Thrash, can be a complication); undoubtedly there is much worse around, but just as surely there are much better vocalists. If, in short, on a purely instrumental level, everyone is excellent musician, the classic Achilles heel of the line-up turns out to be the singer, whose performance is not exciting. You will therefore understand that, between the excessive minutes and a not excellent singing performance, the fate of this album is not very favorable; nevertheless, the excellent instrumental parts allow "The sibylline age" to reach sufficiency but, for the future, Idol Throne will have to do much better than that in order to have any hope of emerging from the deepest underground. - allaroundmetal

Release Date: July 12th, 2022

FFO: Heathen, Symphony X, Paladin

Location: Northwest Indiana, U.S.A.

Formed in late 2018 by guitarists Jason Schultz (Wraith, Mind’s Horizon) and Martin Bowman (Farwatch), Idol Throne is a band with a sonic mission and vision; the blending of elements from U.S. Power, Bay-Area Thrash, Neoclassical and Traditional Heavy Metal, combined with a progressive sense of songwriting and a strong focus on melody. 
Joined by drummer/percussionist Aaron Grove (Axxios) in early 2019, and vocalist Jake Quintanilla (Mind’s Horizon, Berith) in 2020, the band made the most of the extended downtime caused by the global pandemic and recorded demo “Proof of Life” in the Fall of 2020, which saw release on streaming platforms January 1st, 2021. The 3-song recording serves as an introduction to the band’s sound, and as a small taste of what to expect on the upcoming debut LP “The Sibylline Age” to be released on July 12th 2022.
With the addition of bassist Trevor Kuta (Xenopredator) in the Winter of 2022, and a full docket of live performances scheduled throughout the Midwest, Idol Throne is poised to become a name to know in the modern heavy metal scene. 

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