Gates of Hell Records Signs Detroit Power Metallers, Demon Bitch! New Album On The Way! Friday July 5 2024, 2:45 PM
Gates of Hell Records Signs Detroit Power Metallers, Demon Bitch! New Album On The Way!

 Gates Of Hell Records is proud to announce the signing of Detroit power metallers DEMON BITCH. The label is set to release the band’s long-awaited sophomore album, Master Of The Games, later this year. Additionally, Gates Of Hell Records will be reissuing the band's 2014 EP Death Is Hanging… as well as their heralded full-length debut, Hellfriends.

Fans can get a taste of what’s to come with the new single, "Into The Archway," from the forthcoming Master of the Games album, now streaming at:


DEMON BITCH was formed in 2011, and after the release of Death Is Hanging… EP, they dropped their debut album Hellfriends in 2016. The debut was highly praised, with Toilet Ov Hell describing it as “passionate, clever, and often outright bizarre.” Ride Into Glory also lauded the band, stating, “Demon Bitch are an exemplary band, and we can only hope that their contributions thus far are only the beginnings of a long and prosperous career.”

The DEMON BITCH name should ring familiar to Gates Of Hell devotees. The band features several members of the heralded WHITE MAGICIAN, including vocalist Logon, the guitar tandem of Lord Mars and D.B. Cooper, and drummer Reverend Ceckowski. Bassist B. Beastmaster completes the lineup. Over the past few years, responsibilities with WHITE MAGICIAN and ISENBLÅST (Beastmaster's other band) temporarily sidelined DEMON BITCH, but the band is back and ready to ascend to the next level.

The journey continues with Master Of The Games, recorded in Lansing, Michigan, between 2022 and 2024 with George Szegedy, who was also at the helm for WHITE MAGICIAN’s Dealers Of Divinity. The band also enlisted help from their great friend Matt Prestone (DUNGEON BEAST, GHOST TOWER), who recorded Hellfriends.

According to Logon, Master Of The Games will resonate with those who devoured Hellfriends. “I’d say it’s a chaotic offering of obscure and underground U.S. power metal and classic heavy metal with some eclectic moments ranging from 1970s sensibilities to more extreme influences,” he says. “Fans of Hellfriends won’t be disappointed—we’ll still offer a raw, unhinged, and over-the-top approach. This album is different in that it might have more epic moments and a little more fruit to chew through before you get to the seed.”

The album’s first single, “Into The Archway,” is a fast and relentless cut with neo-classical tendencies that tells the tale of a man and his symbiotic relationship with the castle to which he’s confined. “The castle walls sing songs for the souls that they claim, but all you hear is the clashing of chains calling you ‘Into The Archway’,” shares Logon.

With Master Of The Games delivered to Gates Of Hell Records and a new single on the way, DEMON BITCH is preparing for their inaugural European appearance at Germany’s Chaos Descends festival in July, followed by a few more intimate co-headlining gigs in Austria and Croatia with WHITE MAGICIAN.

“Fans can expect to witness the onslaught of a strange and loud intrigue dealing with the dramatics and dark romantics that make up DEMON BITCH,” says Logon. “You’ll have a chance to hear a couple of new songs, as well as a healthy dose of classics from Hellfriends and maybe even earlier works.”

Catch Demon Bitch with White Magician in Europe this month:

    19.07: White Magician @ Chaos Descends Festival
    20.07: Demon Bitch @ Chaos Descends Festival
    22.07: WM & DB w/ Wildhunt @ Vienna, Austria, Escape Metalcorner
    23.07: WM & DB w/ HÄXÄNKING @ Cakovec, Croatia, Klub Prostor

For more updates and information, visit Gates Of Hell Records and follow DEMON BITCH on their journey through the realms of power metal.

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