Press Release: Glasgow-based Metal Band 'Tantrum' Announces "No Place For The Damned" Friday June 28 2024, 2:40 PM
Press Release: Glasgow-based Metal Band 'Tantrum' Announces "No Place For The Damned"

Release Date: August 30th, 2024


Glasgow-based Metal Band 'Tantrum' Announces "No Place For The Damned"

TANTRUM, the Glasgow-based metal band known for their classic guitar-driven riffs and thought-provoking lyrics, is set to release their highly anticipated third album, No Place For The Damned, on August 30th. The album, featuring eleven tracks that showcase the band's evolved sound and songwriting prowess, takes listeners on a dark and introspective journey through themes of destruction, inner turmoil, and the search for redemption.

No Place For The Damned opens with the haunting "Manifest Destiny," which explores the devastating impact of the Manhattan Project. The fast-paced track sets the tone for an album that fearlessly tackles complex subjects and emotions and serves as the first part of the band's new Trinity trilogy.

The album's lead single, "The Darkest of Times," is a powerful exploration of the intrusive thoughts that can plague the mind in the moments before sleep. With its driving rhythm and soaring vocals, the song is sure to become a fan favorite and a staple of TANTRUM's live shows.

Other standout tracks include "Minotaur," a traditional British metal-inspired retelling of the classic Greek myth; "W.A.I.L," a poignant look at homelessness and the struggle for compassion; and "The Deepest Line," a haunting exploration of a world where lies manifest as physical scars, with the deepest scar belonging to a person who must repeatedly comfort others with falsehoods.

The album also features the hard-hitting "Hellbound Planet," the second part of the Trinity trilogy, which tackles the urgent issue of climate change and environmental destruction. "Internal Bleeding" is a harrowing portrayal of the effects of gaslighting in a relationship, while "Scarred" delves into the haunting memories and struggles of a person trapped in the aftermath of a loved one's suicide, resulting in their own.

"The Judge" is a dark and brooding track that plays on the double meaning of both the classic comic book character Judge Death and the Grim Reaper himself, with its gang-vocal-driven chorus sure to make it an audience favorite. "Traveller," the final part of the Trinity trilogy, tells the story of a scientist's ill-fated mission to find a new home for humanity, leaving him trapped and alone in space for eternity.

The album's closing track, "The Pit and the Pendulum," is an epic collaboration between Baz Fitzsimmons, Chris Horne, Mark Reid, and Micah Snow. This heavy-metal retelling of Edgar Allan Poe's classic story with an atmospheric intro and explosive crescendo serves as a fitting end to an album that takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions.

"No Place For The Damned is our most ambitious and personal album to date," says vocalist Mark Reid. "Each song tells a unique story, but they all come together to create a cohesive narrative about the struggles we face as individuals and as a society. We poured our hearts and souls into this album, and we can't wait for our supporters to experience it."

Guitarist Baz Fitzsimmons adds, "I think this album perfectly captures where Tantrum are as a band now and where we are heading. We have been determined to push ourselves musically, while still retaining the elements that have brought people to our shows. I'm hugely proud of what the band has produced in the past, but this album signals a real step up in songwriting, sound, and direction."

"This album has no doubt been the most challenging and rewarding product that I have had the great pleasure to be a part of," notes bassist Chris Horne. "Hearing the songs come to life during the mixing process, I had listened through them hundreds of times yet I'm still excited to get to listen to them again and again."

No Place For The Damned was recorded between January and May 2024 and features the powerful production work of Chris Horne. The album will be available on CD starting August 30th with streaming services to follow shortly thereafter.

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Mark Reid Vocals
Baz Fitzsimmons Guitars
Micah Snow Guitars
Chris Horne Bass
Mark Riches Drums

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