Press Release: DEAD RECKONING Release Powerful New Metal Album "RED"! Thursday June 13 2024, 4:18 PM
Press Release: DEAD RECKONING Release Powerful New Metal Album "RED"!

Release Date: May 3rd, 2024

FFO:  Lamb of God, Upon a Burning Body, Thy Art is Murder 

Location: Columbus, GA


DEAD RECKONING Release Powerful New Metal Album "RED"!

Dead Reckoning, the powerhouse metal band from Columbus, GA, released their highly anticipated new album "RED" on May 3, 2024. Known for their relentless energy and hard-hitting sound, Dead Reckoning continues to push the boundaries of metal with this latest release.

Formed in late 2012 by guitarist and former active duty soldier Mike "K-OS" Spriggs, Dead Reckoning has evolved into a formidable force in the metal scene. The band's lineup features the ferocious vocals of "Bleghboii" Taylor Monroe, the technical drumming of Ryan Lake, and the thunderous bass grooves of Brian "Brayne" Silverstein. Together, they create a sound that fans of Lamb of God, Upon a Burning Body, and Thy Art is Murder will appreciate.

Mike "K-OS" Spriggs, known for his tornado riffs and face-melting solos, leads the charge, while Taylor Monroe's return to the band brings a high-energy stage presence and monstrous vocal prowess. Drummer Ryan Lake's precision and power set the pace, and Brian Silverstein's bass lines add a chest-thumping groove that completes the band's formidable sound.

Dead Reckoning's mission has always been clear: to be the sledgehammer smashing through all the walls of mediocrity. With "RED," they continue to uphold this mission, delivering a crushing metal experience that is sure to leave fans wanting more.

Get ready for  "RED", and prepare to be blown away by Dead Reckoning's latest sonic assault. Follow the band on their social media channels for updates, and don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the wall of "fuck yeah!" that is Dead Reckoning.

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