KRYPTA NICESTWA set release date for new HARVEST OF DEATH mini-album, reveal first track Thursday January 9 2020, 6:24 AM
KRYPTA NICESTWA set release date for new HARVEST OF DEATH mini-album, reveal first track

Today, Harvest of Death - a division of Signal Rex - sets January 31st as the international release date for a new mini-album from Poland's fast-rising Krypta Nicestwa, Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw, on single-sided 12" vinyl format.

Although a relatively new entity, forming in 2018, Krypta Nicestwa have feverishly built a considerable canon across two demos and two splits. Across those short-lengths, the duo have duly displayed their geographical constitution, honoring their noble roots with a grim 'n' mystical sound that's poignantly Polish in a most mid-'90s manner.

Now, with the four-song/21-minute mini-album Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw, Krypta Nicestwa transcend their prior work and strike upon a new sort of mastery. Still grim as ever, the duo's ruminations here are more restless and definitely more haunting, suggesting ghostly expanses in between their reverberating-through-the- night notes. Their black metal is melodic yet miserablist, devilish and delirium-inducing, hitting an absolute peak with the medieval, synth-led swell of "W sferze pzoagrobowego trwania," suggesting cobwebbed corridors they'll explore in the future.

Prepare for the Celtic winter with Krypta Nicestwa's Sarkofagi nocnych zjaw! Begin preparations with the brand-new track "Spojrzenia świątyni nocy," which can be heard both HERE at Signal Rex's official YouTube channel as well as the label's Bandcamp HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Krypta Nicestwa's Sarkofagi nochych zjaw
1. Spojrzenia świątyni nocy
2. Czernie bytów chtonicznych
3. W sferze pzoagrobowego trwania
4. Ołtarze diabelskich pierwocin

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