Album Review: "Sanctuary Of Death" by Vhäldemar Thursday May 9 2024, 10:18 AM
Album Review: "Sanctuary Of Death" by Vhäldemar

Vhäldemar, the Spanish heavy metal band, is back with their seventh studio album, "Sanctuary Of Death" and it is a big deal, in addition to their continuous dominance in the genre. Produced by guitarist and producer Pedro J. Monge at Chromaticity Studios, the album delivers the unforgettable melody-rich experience fans had been hoping for. 

One can immediately tell that Vhäldemar is at their best as "Devil's Child" starts to play. The lead vocals of Carlos Escudero take the audience on an epic ride over galloping riffs and powerful drums, this is the perfect setting for a journey through the worlds of heavy and power metal. Songs like "Dreambreaker" and "Deathwalker" prove the band's capacity of harmonizing brutality with melodic melodies and are both headbangable and memorable. 

The title song "Sanctuary Of Death" is definitely the best part of the album for me. It has a great rhythm, and it is full of powerful guitar solos. It's a quintessential Vhäldemar track that encapsulates everything fans love about the band: the power of passion, the buzz of energy and a little showmanship. On the one hand, "Heavy Metal" is dedicated to the genre itself with a fist-pumping anthem that hymns the power of metal music. 

The album's power is in the fact that it is constant. The impressive part is that each track creates something special while maintaining a distinctive sound that is undeniably Vhäldemar. There is no dull moment in this album, from the epic “Forevermore” to the anger of “The Rebels Law” there is always something to enjoy. 

In another artwork by Darkgrove we see the art representing the grandness and majesty of the album. It is the audio picture of the sonic trip that Vhäldemar takes listeners through the world of dragons and warriors and their stories of victories and heroism. 

Check out the single for Devil's Child below!

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