Press Release: Jack Ire Unleashes "Where the Angels Die" From New Album "In Disarray" Wednesday May 8 2024, 12:56 PM
Press Release: Jack Ire Unleashes "Where the Angels Die" From New Album "In Disarray"

Release Date: May 18, 2024

FFO: Gojira, Acid Bath, Brown Bird, Down

Location: Selmer, Tennessee


Jack Ire Unleashes "Where the Angels Die" From New Album "In Disarray"

Jack Ire, the multi-talented one-man band hailing from Selmer, Tennessee, has announced the release of his highly anticipated album, "In Disarray." This cinematic mix of stoner rock, doom metal, and hard rock is set to drop on May 18, 2024.

Through Jack Ire's music, the different genres of metal music are tested, thus resulting in a sonic journey featuring different elements of the metal music as a whole. Drawing his inspiration from a multitude of different styles and genres, the sound he created amalgamates the various distinct aspects that have stoner rock's cool rhythm, doom metal's grim and heavy atmosphere as well as the raw energy of hard rock. 

Through "In Disarray," Jack Ire solidifies his spot as a master of his craft among remarkable metal musicians. This album is a manifestation of his incredible talent, which will undoubtedly keep you stuck to it, from start to finish. 

Fans of bands like Gojira, Acid Bath, Brown Bird, Down, and Alice In Chains will find themselves drawn to Jack Ire's sound, as he seamlessly blends elements of these iconic acts into his own distinctive style.

"In Disarray" follows Jack Ire's string of successful singles, including the 2023 hit "Morphine," which featured guest vocals from Dave Frost of The Red Mountain. Now, with his full-length album, Jack Ire is ready to make an even bigger impact on the metal scene.

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