New Promo: Next Monarch Unleashes Intergalactic Fury with "Black Animals of Cosmos" Friday March 22 2024, 2:57 PM
New Promo: Next Monarch Unleashes Intergalactic Fury with "Black Animals of Cosmos"

Release Date: March 2024

FFO: Vektor, Children of bodom, AFI

Location: Poland / Mexico


Next Monarch Unleashes Intergalactic Fury with "Black Animals of Cosmos"

Brace yourselves for a sonic invasion as Next Monarch, the dynamic family band spanning continents, prepares to unleash their latest offering, "Black Animals of Cosmos," on the world in March 2024. With a fusion of metal and punk influences, this release promises to ignite the airwaves with its raw energy and unrelenting intensity.

Next Monarch has been a labor of love years in the making. Drawing on their shared passion for music, they embarked on a journey to create something truly unique, something that would transcend borders and boundaries.

"Black Animals of Cosmos" is a testament to Next Monarch's boundless creativity and relentless drive. With five blistering tracks that push the boundaries of genre and convention, the album offers a glimpse into the band's electrifying vision. From the cosmic fury, to the punk-infused chaos, each song is a sonic rollercoaster that leaves listeners breathless and craving more.

As an international band with roots in both Poland and Mexico, Next Monarch brings a global perspective to their music. Their songs resonate with themes of rebellion, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the human soul, transcending language and culture to speak to audiences around the world.

With "Black Animals of Cosmos," Next Monarch proves that family bonds and musical passion know no bounds. Join them on this exhilarating journey through the cosmos and dare to defy the limits of possibility.

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