Vorus - Band Of The Month - March 2024 - Metal Devastation Radio! Sunday March 3 2024, 2:26 PM
Vorus - Band Of The Month - March 2024 - Metal Devastation Radio!

Vorus wins Band Of The Month on Metal Devastation Radio! Coming in with a total of 195,293 votes!

About VORUS:

Established in 2017 as a solo project of the American death metal musician Uriel (Morbicus, Necrorite, Reveler, Putred, ex-Gutwrench, ex-Cryptic Realms etc) active since 1989 and relocated to Romania back in 2014. Vorus first release “Chamber of Laments” demo tape as solo formula was released by the fall, 2017.
Uriel‘s wife, Corina (ex-Deimos, ex-Atys, Reveler, Putred etc.) joined the band in September, 2017 on the bass guitar.

As a duo, Vorus recorded their debut full-length album “The Wretched Path” in December 2017, released on CD and tape in April. 2018 also the split with the band Necrorite in May 2018, then in October 2018 the “Inflicted Sufferance” EP was released in both formats as well. In April 2019 following a 4 way split with Rotheads, Engrossed and Eruptive released in both formats.

In August 2019, Doru (Malpraxis, Evergreed, ex-Necrovile, etc) drummer from Cluj-Napoca joined the band permanently, 2020 is the year that marks the live debut of Vorus band on a mini tour in Transylvania with the bands Oncology and Left Hand Path.

In May 2021, the band released their second full-length album entitled “Traversing the Non-Existence“. Shortly after the album, Vorus welcomed a new member, Filip (Necrotum, Demoted, Putred, etc) a very young guitarist from Brasov joined the band on the rhythm guitar position. With this formula, “The Crypt of Shadows” EP was recorded in October, 2021 on tape only. In 2022, Vorus performed in a mini tour with Malpraxis, Invader and Omnitrocy in several towns around the country, then the band participated in Death Madness Fest 1 (Sibiu) and a few more concerts.

This year Vorus participated in Bucharest Death Fest. Currently the band is working on the songs for the third full-length album entitled “Desolate Eternities” scheduled to be recorded in the fall of 2023 and released by the spring of 2024 by the record label Loud Rage Music from Romania on CD format.


VORUS current line up:

Uriel – Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Filip – Rhythm Guitar
Corina – Bass Guitar
Doru – Drums / Percussion


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