New Promo: Cryoshock - The Cold New Regime - (Death/thrash metal) - Ablaze Productions Friday February 2 2024, 3:07 PM
New Promo: Cryoshock - The Cold New Regime - (Death/thrash metal) - Ablaze Productions

Release Date: March 29th, 2024

FFO: The Crown, Unleashed, Ablaze my Sorrow

Location: Karlshamn, Sweden

Swedish metal band Cryoshock, known for their blend of deaththrash metal, is set to release their full-length debut album titled The Cold New Regime. The album features 11 tracks and was mixed by the band and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound. The album artwork was created by DaemorphArt. This will be the band's first label release, with Mexican label Ablaze Productions set to release the album as a digipak CD on March 29th, 2024 cat. no. ABP-192. The album will also be available for streaming on all major platforms from the release date. Fans can look forward to single releases on February 9th and March 1st, and the album will be distributed through various international distros and sold directly from the label and the band's webshop, where t-shirts will also be available. Get ready to experience the power of Cryoshock's The Cold New Regime.

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Band line-up for this recording:
Lars Johansson: Guitars/Bass, backing vocals
Martin Persson: Drums
Niklas Johansson: Vocals

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(photo credit - Sebastian Bularca)

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