Kirk Hammett - Interviewed By Metal Mayhem ROC on Metal Devastation Radio, featured at Blabbermouth, Bravewords and Loudwire! Sunday December 3 2023, 11:34 AM
Kirk Hammett - Interviewed By Metal Mayhem ROC on Metal Devastation Radio, featured at Blabbermouth, Bravewords and Loudwire!

Metalheads, get ready for an epic interview! Kirk Hammett , the legendary guitarist of Metallica , recently sat down with Metal Mayhem ROC from Metal Devastation Radio to talk all things Kill Em' All . The interview has been making waves across the internet and has been featured on top metal news sites like Blabbermouth , Bravewords , and Loudwire . In the interview, Hammett discusses his inspirations, his favorite tracks to play live, and the future of metal. Fans of Metallica and metal music in general won't want to miss this conversation with the lead guitarist from one of the biggest metal bands of all time.

On this episode, we’re joined by Kirk Hammett of Metallica to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “ Kill ‘Em All ” album. In this special installment of Metal Mayhem ROC , we go back in time for an in-depth look back at the rehearsals & the recording of the album that took place in our hometown of Rochester, NY in 1983.

In this feature conversation, Kirk gets reacquainted with some of the people who lived it with Metallica , both professionally & on the friendship side of the relationships with the band. Showcased in this exclusive interview are over 40 never seen before candid photos from the studio & the surrounding Rochester area, Lakeshore Record Exchange, The Riverboat concert with Raven & so much more, all of which have been unearthed from personal collections & scrapbooks! In addition, we re-visit with the MetLife Stadium (NJ) August 2023 gigs & Kirk reveals what his passion is for New Jersey outside of music (hint: sand & surf), and he opens up about his fervor for Deep Purple & Tommy Bolin .
This is a true trip down Heavy Metal memory lane & a unique conversation that unveils the human & personal side of this Heavy Metal legend, brought to you exclusively from Metal Mayhem ROC.
Thank you for the support and remember to always KEEP IT HEAVY.

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Time Stamps:
00:00-Kill em All Reunion open.
02:07-Show Host and Kirk 1986 Interview Picture
04:26-First Guest ( Andrew) and Kirk Drinking in Dive Bar in 1983
06:23-Recording of Anesthesia Pulling Teeth/ Whiplash
08:34-History behind Kirk wearing Def Leppard shirt in 1983
09:07-Pictures and stories about Haunted Drum room.
11:23-Pictures of Kirk's Vintage Flying "V" and his Ozzy shirt.
15:23-Drunken stories from the house they lived in in Rochester, NY
18:56-Second Guest ( Rob Thomas)( Jim Ferraro) and cool reconnection with Kirk.
22:23-Record Store Owner ( Ron Stein -Lakeshore Record Exchange) hosting Metallica in store.
26:13-Cliff Burton story of coining the title "KILL EM ALL" in Pizzeria
30:20-James Smoking weed and Passing Out on Kitchen Floor.
32:27-Kirk Drinking Greek Ouzo , blacking out and fighting with a bar band.
35:33-Kirk, Lars Rob Thomas and Jim Ferraro Playing video games at Putt Putt mini Golf.
36:36-Winnebago Story about touring with Raven
46:14-Surfing in New Jersey in the Winter
47:43-Kirk and lars jamming deep purple at soundchecks.
51:14-Kirk's love of UFO and meeting Paul Chapman
54:35-Listener Question- Riff origins of " Don't Tread on Me" and "Frayed ends of Sanity" from Broadway.
55:25-All Within my Hands Donation
1:06:40-Kill Em All Photo Shoot Story
1:09:17-Exclusive never seen In studio pics from the recording of Kill em all. 

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