Type O Negative's Sal Abruscato - Interview 2023 - The Zach Moonshine Show Sunday November 26 2023, 1:47 PM
 Type O Negative's Sal Abruscato - Interview 2023 - The Zach Moonshine Show

Sal Abruscato, the original drummer of TYPE O NEGATIVE, recently appeared on The Zach Moonshine Show to discuss the 30th Anniversary of 'Bloody Kisses' and share his personal experiences with the industry's cancel culture. During the interview, Abruscato addressed accusations made against him that he believes have led to him being shadow-banned and even canceled by the industry. He also spoke about his name and picture being removed from the credits on the 30th anniversary edition of 'Bloody Kisses'. 

Aside from the controversies surrounding him, Abruscato also revealed some interesting details about Type O Negative, including how Peter Steele actually died and what he believes led to his death. He also shared stories about his upbringing and musical influences, making for an insightful and engaging conversation. Overall, Sal Abruscato's appearance on The Zach Moonshine Show was a must-listen for any TYPE O NEGATIVE fan or anyone interested in the music industry's inner workings.

This episode features music from Persevera, Surrender Stellam, Mindlight, Cloak, Clouds Taste Satanic, Elbowdeep, Blackfoot, Type O Negative, A Pale Horse Named Death, TASK FORCE BEER, BOTTOM, Twin Temple, and Danzig!

Track List:

Battle Of The Bands Winners:

1 - Persevera - THE LAST HORSEMAN
2 - Surrender Stella - Ghosts Of My Past
3 - Mindlight - Let the Roses Bloom

The Zach Moonshine Intro

4 - Cloak - Ethereal Fire
5 - Clouds Taste Satanic - Christmas With The Devil
6 - Elbowdeep - Everyone Is Leaving Here Dead
7 - Blackfoot - Highway Song

8 - Sal Abruscato from TYPE O NEGATIVE Interview featuring Christian Woman, Suspended In Dusk, Black No. 1

9 - A Pale Horse Named Death - Believe In Something (You Are Lost)
12 - Twin Temple - I'm Wicked
13 - Danzig - Do You Wear The Mark/Heart Of The Devil/How The Gods Kill

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