Tilintetgjort debut album out next week! Friday March 24 2023, 9:06 AM
Tilintetgjort debut album out next week!

On their debut album, Tilintetgjort presents strange visions of nightmares and dread, alchemical madness and arcane mysteries - blurring the line between insanity and the deepest of truths.
"In Death I Shall Arise" shows a fierce and passionate band. Focused and inspired, the music shows an abundance of creativity and a will to break down the walls of the stagnating genre that is contemporary black metal. Embark on a journey through the labyrinth that makes up the hunt for truth in a widely delusional world. Filled with inspiration and madness of the soul, "In Death I Shall Arise" will be your guide through the mysteries of knowledge and death.
The album was meticulously crafted over several years. Through gruelling rehearsals and an arduous creative process, the band honed in on their unique take on black metal. After several months of deep preparation, the ensemble finally entered Chaka Khan Studios in February 2022 to commit the album to tape.
Favouring some older techniques, the vast majority of the album was recorded live over three days. After a few overdubs in Evil Octopus Studios, the album was mixed at Chaka Khan before being mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door. The result speaks for itself - there is no boring minute to be had.

- Debut album from this most interesting new Oslo Black Metal band
- Embarks the listener on a journey to unlock the secrets of the unknown
- An album filled with peerless riffs, chaotic evil orchestration and spirit devouring vocals. A unique take on the genre of black metal
- For fans of creations way ahead of the future
- Recorded by Ole Øvstedal & Silje Huleboer
- Release gig at the Inferno Festival 8/4 – more gigs & tours to be announced
- Digital singles: Mercurial (3/2), Hex (3/3).  


1. Kvikksølvdrømmer
2. Sannhetens Søyler
3. Mercurial
4. Vinter Og Høst
5. Hex
6. Dommedagsmonument

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