MDR Supports Nergal - Ordo Blasfemia Sunday February 28 2021, 9:20 PM
MDR Supports Nergal - Ordo Blasfemia

A message from Nergal.

For over a decade I have been persecuted and prosecuted at the hands of the Polish legal system.

For over a decade I have been confronted with numerous attempts to permanently destroy my career on the basis that I have harmed 'religious feelings'.

It sounds absurd and I can assure you, it is.

Many Polish artists, including myself, have been dragged into court rooms, at our own significant costs, to defend ourselves against nonsensical blasphemy laws made by tenuous Politicans. Their intent is to censor anyone who does not conform to the archaic religious laws of our country.

The time for capitulation is over. The time has come for Polish artists to fight back. I ask you to join me in the ‘ Ordo Blasfemia ’!

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