W't'M - Moments of Light - Featured & Interviewed By MTVIEW Magazine! Wednesday November 15 2023, 11:18 AM
 W't'M - Moments of Light - Featured & Interviewed By MTVIEW Magazine!

 W't'M - Moments of Light - Featured & Interviewed By MTVIEW Magazine ! Check it out here https://mtview.grweb.site/


Release Date: Aug 24, 2023

FFO: Amaranthe, Halestorm

Location: Italy / Denmark

W't'M is a new band project that has been created across the borders. The band's singer, Marica Moire is from Italy, while the other musicians (Peter Mogensen, Michael Steen Sørensen and Ole Quist) are Danish. Through a common love for the American band Dream Theater, the connection emerged in a music group online. "Sorry", which can be heard in the video below, is the band's first single and was released on the 28th. April via Popshit Recordings. The track is produced by Ole Quist and mixed/mastered by Andreas Linnemann, who is probably best known for his many years of cooperation with Danish BAEST. Inspiration for the music comes from bands like Amaranthe, Nita Strauss, Noapology, Art Nation, Tonight Alive, Camelot and Halestorm, added by many years of love for the hard end of music. The motivation to do more is great and the band's goal is to release an EP at the end of the year.

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