Acherontia Styx - Post Death - reviewed By Metal Digest! Wednesday November 8 2023, 9:04 PM
Acherontia Styx - Post Death - reviewed By Metal Digest!

Acherontia Styx - Post Death - reviewed By Metal Digest ! check it out

Four track EP from death metal four piece, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. (my hometown as it happens). This is really promising that there is a decent death metal outfit in the northeast of England.

Enough of that let’s talk about the music, the four tracks here are definitely different and show cases the different shades of the band. The strongest part of this is the guitars, riffs are sharp, and the solos are exceptionally well done. However the vocals left me a bit cold and some of the songs could be a bit shorter and get to the point quicker, opener “Cloud of War” is a perfect example of this, where the opening does grab you (with some nice samples too!) the track labours until the solo, ending chorus and outro makes you want more. Second track is immediate but suffers slightly again. Third track is much slower a it is interesting. Final track looks to have a slower death metal feel to it, my favourite on the EP.

In all a good interesting introduction to the band, but some of the ideas seem to run out of steam slightly. Metal Digest

Release Date: 13/1/23

FFO: Arch Enemy, Lamb Of God, Fear Factory 

Location: Tyne & Wear, England

Short Bio: Acherontia Styx are four piece melodic death metal band from England, Acherontia Styx draw influence from mid 90s death and black Metal, groove and shred Metal, and fuse it with classical elements and broader influences. On January 13th 2023, they release their third collection of works Post Death. Available on all streaming services, and directly at

2020s “Shadow And Flame" album met with rave reviews, being heralded as an innovative shift into progressive forms of death metal.

2023s Post Death shifts violently from traditional death and black metal arrangements, into groove based shred and psychedelic synth patterns, with a common focus on emotional release and dramatic structures.

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