Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Wednesday November 8 2023, 8:45 PM
Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! check it out

        As a genre, black/death is a big homogenous mass to stand out in and sometimes it takes a band capable of wielding a bit of magic or performing a miracle to set themselves apart. Enter Thaumaturgy from Kansas who, on the back of their well-received EP ‘Charnel Gnosis’ back in 2021 have released their first full-length studio album ‘Tenebrous Oblations’.

                Band is a strong word for Thaumaturgy which is the solo project of KT, but the thunderous fury behind this album would easily be mistaken for a full band. Although KT has evidently played everything on ‘Tenebrous Oblations’, this debut album doesn’t have the stench of Pro-Tools and is actually quite organic. The black metal is strong here, tremolo picking and blast beats are the order of the day, but Thaumaturgy also aren’t afraid to get a little slower with some full on riffage which although hits the listener like a sledgehammer, they’re never confused enough to lose where they are on this album as KT keeps it tight, layering dynamics of not only black/death, but also death/doom, each new section designed to keep the listener engaged. This is best seen on the likes of ‘Null Cosmic Womb’, ‘Blood of the Ageless Serpent’ and ‘Plaguearchon’ where ‘Tenebrous Oblations’ not only show all the appeal of The Ruins of Beverast, but also Kosmokrator and Fossilization whilst retaining the broad appeal of Incantation.

                Yes, Thaumaturgy do not produce anything new here with ‘Tenebrous Oblation’, but it picks up perfectly from that debut EP and delivers strongly and any fan of black/death metal should definitely check out this release.

Release Date: January 20th, 2023

FFO: Incantation, Kosmokrator, Fossilization

Location: Kansas, United States

Short Bio: Thaumaturgy is a one man cavernous death metal project formed in the winter of 2021. Thaumaturgy aims to create an unsettling and occult atmosphere through crushing riffs, warped melodies, and dissonance out of which emerges a sense of unrelenting doom. 

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