Why Listen Heavy Metal When Gambling + Our Best Songs About Gambling Thrill Picks Tuesday November 7 2023, 3:13 PM
Why Listen Heavy Metal When Gambling + Our Best Songs About Gambling Thrill Picks

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Many people all over the world find gambling to be a fun hobby. Music and sound effects are common in contemporary online casino games. Some gamblers, though, would rather play music of their own choosing. 

There are many advantages to gaming when you listen to heavy metal bands…

They Can Aid in Focusing of Players

The majority of games demand focus from the player. 

Heavy metal is frequently used to aid in concentration on particular tasks. This may very well be what’s happening when it involves playing at online casinos. Users are more inclined to make wise choices if they are more focused.

They Can Boost Pleasure in the Long Run

Certain online casinos are entertaining enough on their own that they don’t require additional features. The best German online casinos in 2013 here , one of the greatest websites available in the industry, are a prime example. 

But you can improve the gambling pleasure at smaller casinos by turning up some heavy metal music in the background.

They Are Able to Produce a Rhythm

Certain casino games have a beat to them. Slot machines are a great illustration of this. 

Gaining familiarity with the beat could improve your chances of success. There are distinct beats in heavy metal songs. The benefits are clear if players discover a song that complements their style of play.

They Could Grow Confidence in One

Playing casino games can be intimidating at times. This is particularly valid for beginners. Acquiring proficiency in them could be daunting. 

A well-known and cherished heavy metal song, however, will probably calm them down and boost their self-esteem.

They Could Make the Experience More Unique

Gamers can customize their gaming experience by bringing in their own music if they don’t like the soundtrack included in a casino game. 

Even though this isn’t what game designers intended, players nevertheless do it, they mute the gambling session and switch to their own music. This is perfectly acceptable from the gambler’s perspective.

The Top 6 Heavy Metal Songs That Perfectly Express the Excitation of Gambling

As is the case in real life, gambling has long been a popular topic in the music industry, and many artists have chosen to address this in their works. All facets of life can inspire metal music, and some of the genre’s greatest acts have chosen to write songs about the thrilling world of gambling. 

You’ve come to the proper place if you’re on the hunt for a list of metal songs about gambling that will improve your gaming experience:

# 1 Ace of Spades

The most well-known metal song about gambling is likely “Ace of Spades”, in which Motörhead narrates the tale of a player who thinks he’ll win every time the Ace of Spades hits the table. Though he’s fully aware of the dangers associated with his obsessive habit, his attraction to the games stems from the risk itself. 

When the song first appeared several decades ago, it instantly gained international recognition, and that recognition is still strong today. It served as the inspiration for several remixes and covers, in addition to being the basis for a well-known slot machine game.

Online poker behemoth PokerStars asked 1,000 of its European players to choose from a list of options their favorite song with a poker theme back in 2019. There were two finalists: Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. Additionally, the announcement stated that the 1980 classic by the London-based band destroyed the 2008 breakthrough hit by an American female singer. This was by no means a definitive scientific survey, but Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, the frontman and founder of Motörhead, would’ve likely been pleased with the honor. He passed away from cancer in December 2015 at the age of 70.

# 2 The Angel and the Gambler

One of the most beloved bands among metal fans is Iron Maiden. Their music continues to win over new listeners, and long-time supporters never waver. The band is proud of having many well-known songs, and this one, in particular, tells the story of a gambler who, because of his love of gambling, has many exciting, adrenaline-filled moments in his life.

The gambler in question finds himself in a scenario where he should roll the dice, but he hesitates out of concern for what will happen. He’s initially overcome with fear, but once he rolls the first one, he gets sucked into the game and is unable to escape.

# 3 Deuces Are Wild

Any ardent gambler who has heard this iconic Aerosmith song will know immediately what “Deuces Wild” is and how it relates to the well-liked real-time table games. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it will help you to know that it refers to the deuces that a player needs to win all of the money in poker, which is basically the main objective of most players.

The focus of the song is clearly on a particular lady, so it doesn’t exactly center around a gambling scenario, but it does contain explicit references to poker that will resonate strongly with anyone who’s either playing poker right now or is simply infatuated with the game. Furthermore, the song’s melody seldom fails to captivate listeners, frequently enticing them to hum it and play it over and over again.

# 4 Poker Face

Lady Gaga’s well-known hit song, “Poker Face”, defies popular belief by focusing on bisexuality instead of the obvious poker theme suggested by the song’s title. But Steve ‘n’ Seagulls, a Finish bluegrass/rockabilly band, chose to perform a version of the song, which has a strong gambling theme. The members of the band were inspired to act because they occasionally like placing bets on sports as well. 

The audience responded favorably to Lady Gaga’s song remake, and many heavy metal enthusiasts firmly believe that it’s superior to the original.

# 5 Train of Consequences

Another well-known metal song about gambling is “Train of Consequences” by Megadeth. However, this song tells a more depressing story about the unsettling feelings a player begins to experience as he indulges in his habit. This important song examines some of the negative effects of gambling culture, as well as the occasional risks that players take. 

In fact, “Train of Consequences” does more than just profile the player; it also illustrates how gambling affects society as a whole. Even though this song isn’t as upbeat as some other songs about gambling, it still has a catchy beat, so you should add it to your playlist.

# 6 Smoke on the Water

Now, this song wasn’t really inspired by gambling; rather, it was written in reaction to a casino performance by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. One of the concertgoers threw a flare into the air during the performance, which caused a fire that quickly spread. 

The members of Deep Purple saw the casino, which stood on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, burn to the ground, and that’s how the song got its name.


Try to observe the music in the background and how it affects your gaming experience the next time you make the decision to play a few sessions of your preferred casino game. Playing the aforementioned gambling hits while you wager can change the entire atmosphere because heavy metal is a genre of music characterized by vibrant sounds and boosts spirits in every situation.

Undoubtedly, many different musical genres have drawn inspiration from the theme of gambling, but we believe that metal bands excel at it more than other genres. They address the positive aspects of gambling, as well as its drawbacks and the ways it can impact both individuals and society at large in their songs.

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